Sean Hannity 8/7/17: Stop the Mission Creep Trump-Russia Witch Hunt (VIDEO)


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein says that he is not going to allow the Mueller investigation to become a fishing investigation; however, Sena Hannity opines, it already has. It is obvious to all that it is a partisan witch hunt just by the make up of those who are investigation and the conflicts of interests that have been allowed to be over-looked. This would never be allowed in a court room, why would it be allowed with a special prosecutor?

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    2 Responses to “Sean Hannity 8/7/17: Stop the Mission Creep Trump-Russia Witch Hunt (VIDEO)”

    1. kashekamon on August 8th, 2017 5:15 pm

      Shut the whole thing down…get on with the the real issues at stake….investigate Comey, Lynch
      and for God’s sake put Hillary in jail! We’re waiting! Lock her up…like you said!

      We need silencers put on the Democrats mufflers, the country doesn’t need their nonsense and their inability to function as a political party. We feel victimized by these liberal lunatics and it needs to stop.

    2. kashekamon on August 9th, 2017 10:31 am

      Another CNN journalist who’s misguiding the
      American people and who’s misrepresenting journalism….Jill Fillipovic, more lies from the left. Stating that Trump is an international embarrassment because of Russian collusion…there was NO Russian collusion. And Trump’s visit’s internationally have been very successful.

      She also states that obama is well respected here and abroad….not true…he was despised by the world for releasing the captured terrorists. She says he’s a presidential leader because he tells Kenya during the election be peaceful and no violence with the rule of law. This is coming from a man who broke every law, who can’t control violence and murder from his home state and every time he has gotten involved in racial issues it ends up in severe violence.

      She says we never knew how good we had it….what the hell is the matter with you! The man was destroying our country. When you read such mental incompetence like this and falsely accuse and blame our president for collusion, an incident that you well know didn’t happen, a witch hunt with no merit, it’s time for lawsuits and the firing of journalists. Not only lawsuits by mentioned names but also by the public for the attempts to brainwash, deceive and the damage it’s doing to everyday lives that rely on the truth.

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