Massive Lines of Deplorables Await President Trump in Nashville, TN … The Lines Went on For Miles!!! (VIDEO)



The people lined up to await President Donald Trump, some for 10 hours, and the lines grew and grew and grew. It was easily the longest line of “deplorables” I have ever seen. When I arrived at the State House and parked I could not believe what I was seeing. The line was most likely over a mile long. People kept coming and coming and coming to the point where it had to be over 2 miles stretching through the streets of Nashville to The Municipal Auditorium. Pictures and videos are worth a thousand words, in this case well over 10,000 people.

NV Trump8

NV Trump7

Just to get some perspective, at the 1:00 mark of the video above you can see the State House in the background. At 3:45 PM Nashville time, the line of people was in front of that in the parking lots and stretching back another 1/2 mile.

NV Trump2

NV Trump1

NV Trump9

NV Trump6

NV Trump5

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    One Response to “Massive Lines of Deplorables Await President Trump in Nashville, TN … The Lines Went on For Miles!!! (VIDEO)”

    1. kashekamon on March 16th, 2017 2:37 pm

      Imagine how long those lines would be if everyone showed up to support the travel ban. Judge Derrick Watson from Hawaii who has issued a restraining order was appointed by obama. A political, stupid, insane left wing radical who opposes executing orders to protect our country. He should be removed from the bench. He’s excuse is that Trump used the word muslim in his campaign, so what, their radical islamic terrorists, call it what it is.

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