President Trump Rocks Nashville, TN Stumping for Marsha Blackburn’s Senate Campaign (VIDEO)



Thousands waited in long lines and terrible weather to see President Donald Trump take the stage at a campaign rally in Nashville, TN. President Trump was in Nashville on behalf of Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s 2018 U.S. Senate bid. President Trump reminded the voters of Tennessee, that a vote for Marsha Blackburn’s Senate opponent is a vote for Democrat Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.  Trump stated that Democrats only do one thing good, they stick together. Democrat’s monolith votes will always be against the Republican and Trump agenda.

To the state of Tennessee, if you want the benefits you have received from the Trump agenda, which is a great economy, lowest ever recorded black and Hispanic unemployment, 20 year low female unemployment, repealing of record number of regulations, tax cuts, taking on illegal immigration and MS13, and standing up to China and North Korea, then vote Marsha Blackburn to continue the great work of the Trump administration.

Tennessee, do you really think that NY’s Chuck Schumer and San Francisco’s Nancy Pelosi have your values or best interests at heart? Then why vote for a Democrat candidate in Brediden who would do their bidding? Do you need to be reminded that not one Democrat voted for the Tax cut bill that gave you back your own money. As Pelosi called crumbs.

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