Sean Hannity 1/10/2017 – Obama’s Farewell Address (VIDEO)



What are the real facts of the Obama presidency? Its hardly the rosy picture that Obama and his minions want you to believe and will try and tell you. But the American people know that as they rejected his last 8 years and policies in 206 and voted in Donald Trump.


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    One Response to “Sean Hannity 1/10/2017 – Obama’s Farewell Address (VIDEO)”

    1. kashekamon on January 11th, 2017 3:33 pm

      The fake and the phony Arab-American who has left the country ridden with monumental scars. 8 yrs of doses of hate America, direct intentional opposition of We The People and our Constitution. Feed and fueled racism with hate. Be-gone with your lies and evil ways.

      You’ll probably see him return from behind closed doors to visibility sitting in the front row listening to Rev Wright as he did for 25 yrs.

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