Is It Possible that Bernie Sanders Could Make This a Race on the Democrat Side Tonight?



As reported at the Politico, Hillary Clinton looks unbeatable in Florida but a strong Sanders performance in the industrial Midwest could give his campaign new life. With three key states in play today for Sanders, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri, is it possible that the candidate thought to be just a straw man for the Hillary Clinton expected Democrat nomination, could actually make a race of this? Sanders unexpected win in Michigan could propel him through “Rust Belt” states. We shall see. The untold story from the MSM is that if Sanders starts winning states, especially winner take all primaries, the Democrat party voters are going to be taking a closer and closer look as to why Sanders is so far behind the establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton. Can you say the fix is in with “Super Delegates.”

Bernie Sanders_socialist

In the final days before Tuesday’s primaries, Bernie Sanders was closing fast in the polls in three of the five states voting, raising the prospect of yet another indecisive Democratic election night, this one marked by Hillary Clinton bolstering her delegate lead but Sanders performing well enough to slingshot into what his campaign argues will be its most important stretch yet.

The Vermont senator’s best case scenario Tuesday has him pulling out three victories – he’s within single digits of Clinton in the latest polls in Illinois, Missouri and Ohio – an outcome that would rattle the race and raise new questions about the durability of the Clinton campaign.

Even if Tuesday doesn’t significantly alter the delegate math that makes Clinton the prohibitive front-runner, a strong Sanders performance in the industrial Midwest will make possible the long campaign that the senator and his aides switched to after their big and unexpected loss in the Nevada caucuses.

Few large caucus states are left on the map, but seven states are up between March 15 and April 5, including the Arizona primary, four caucuses — in Idaho, Utah, Alaska, and Washington — where the Vermont senator is hoping to pick up steam again, and a sixth primary — Wisconsin — where he’s expecting a big win to cap off the two-week run. (Hawaii, caucusing on March 26, is rarely included in the calculus.)

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