Socialist Bernie Sanders is the Future of the Democratic Party



Democrats, this is not your grandfather’s Democrat party, its not your father’s Democrat party. Hell, this is not even Bill Clinton’s Democrat party. As reported at VOX, welcome to the new socialist Democrat party as Bernie Sanders is the future of the Democrat Party. That should scare the living daylights out of many Democrats. It is unbelievable that using the word liberal to describe a Democrat was the kiss of death, now this party openly accepts a self-avowed socialist.

The MSM wants to trash Conservatives and the Tea Party, yet having a socialist as the party nominee of a major political party is A-O-K.

Bernie Sanders_socialist

Fresh from his win in New Hampshire, it’s now clear that whether or not Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination outright, he’s already won in another, perhaps more important way: His brand of politics is the future of the Democratic Party.

Sanders is the overwhelming choice of young voters, scoring a staggering 84 percent of voters under 30 in the Iowa caucuses and projected to do better in New Hampshire.

Any young and ambitious Democrat looking at the demographics of the party and the demographics of Sanders supporters has to conclude that his brand of politics is extremely promising for the future. There are racial and demographic gaps between Clinton and Sanders supporters, but the overwhelming reality is that for all groups, the young people are feeling the Bern.

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    One Response to “Socialist Bernie Sanders is the Future of the Democratic Party”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on February 10th, 2016 10:35 am

      The Democrat party has been moving towards socialism beginning with the election of 1912 when Woodrow Wilson was elected. Bernie Sanders is the culmination of that move.

      Bill and Hillary Clinton call themselves Progressives. That is a term used by the Democrats to conceal their socialist agenda. Obama is a socialist Muslim elected by running the scam “Hope and Change”

      The United States is at the place in history where the constitution of the country must be upheld or we loose our way and regress into a third world nation.

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