Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Says He Won’t Run for President



Former NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg says he will not run a third party, independent campaign to be president in 2016. Bloomberg said Monday that he would not run, citing his fear that a three-way race could lead to the election of Donald Trump, who he thinks would endanger the country. Well, truth of the matter is that Bloomberg had no chance of winning. Isn’t that what running for president is all about, winning? Although Bloomberg did not directly endorse any candidate, he did so in some respects and that individual was Hillary Clinton, “I am not ready to endorse any candidate, but I will continue urging all voters to reject divisive appeals and demanding that candidates offer intelligent, specific and realistic ideas for bridging divides, solving problems, and giving us the honest and capable government we deserve.”

What does that tell you about a candidates leanings if they think they will take votes away from the Democrat?


Michael R. Bloomberg, who for months quietly laid the groundwork to run for president as an independent, will not enter the 2016 campaign, he said Monday, citing his fear that a three-way race could lead to the election of a candidate he thinks would endanger the country: Donald J. Trump.

In a forceful condemnation of his fellow New Yorker, Mr. Bloomberg said Mr. Trump had run “the most divisive and demagogic presidential campaign I can remember, preying on people’s prejudices and fears.” He said he was alarmed by Mr. Trump’s threats to bar Muslim immigrants from entering the country and to initiate trade wars against China and Japan, and he was disturbed by Mr. Trump’s “feigning ignorance of white supremacists,” alluding to Mr. Trump’s initial refusal to disavow support from David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader.

The following is a link to the delusional fantasy land map of where Bloomberg thought he would be competitive in a presidential match-up with the other candidates. Some one has been drinking too many extra large sodas.

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