Prosecutor Juan Martinez Claims Juror in the Jodi Arias Trial fell in Love with Murderess and Held out Against the Death Penalty



It was a crime that shocked our sense and a jury deliberation that even more shocked our sensibility. Now maybe we might find out the reason why Jodi Arias was not sentenced to death for her crimes as she should have been. In a book that is to come out next year, the Daily Mail Online is reporting that the lead prosecutor, Juan Martinez, is claiming that he believes one of the jurors was in love with Arias despite all of the evidence against her. However, the book will not name the juror that fell in love with Arias. However, many speculate it was  foreman Bill Zervakos, who is being referred to. There was one lone juror who made it happen that this “Black Widow” did not get the death penalty. The forthcoming book is entitled, ‘Conviction: The Untold Story of Putting Jodi Arias Behind Bars’.


Something seriously went wrong with the jury deliberation for Jodi Arias only to get life in prison. The crime scene was a blood bath and had the roles been reversed as to the victim and the perpetrator of the murder, the outcome would have been much different.  Arias’ ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander was shot dead, stabbed repeatedly and slit his throat at his home in suburban Mesa, Arizona. During the trial she acted like a stone cold, manipulative psychopath. Even with all that, she was not put to death.

One of the jurors in the Jodi Arias case fell in love with her during the trial, the prosecutor who oversaw her conviction has sensationally claimed.

Juan Martinez said that the unnamed juror became besotted with one of America’s most notorious criminals in spite of the gruesome evidence that convicted her.

Martinez did not specify which juror it was was but Tara Harris Kelley, one of the alternate jurors in the trial that convicted Arias, said she had ‘no doubt’ that he was referring to foreman Bill Zervakos.

Kelley told Daily Mail Online in an exclusive interview that Zervakos secretly wanted to acquit Arias, bragged about being a womanizer and made eye contact with her whenever the jury went into the judge’s chambers.

He also supposedly grumbled and complained whenever Kelley asked a question about Arias – and was one of the holdouts who refused to put her to death.

Zervakos has long been held with suspicion by Arias’ supporters because he was one of the holdouts in the death penalty phase of her trial.

But he denied being romantically interested in Arias and told Daily Mail Online that he viewed the case from a ‘non-emotional point of view’.

Arias, 35, was arrested in 2008 for the murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, 30, who she shot dead, stabbed repeatedly and slit his throat at his home in suburban Mesa, Arizona.

Prosecutors described her as obsessive and killed him after he said he wanted to date somebody else.

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