Judge Declares Mistrial in Jodi Arias Penalty Phase … Jury Cannot Reach Unanomous Decision, Hung Jury on Life or Death for Arias



Judge Sherry Stephens declared a mistrial in the Jodi Arias penalty phase. The jury could not reach a unanimous decision in whether Jodi Arias should receive live in prison or the death penalty. How is that possible? Every one of these jurors were asked the question whether they could, if necessary, give the death penalty to the defendant if it was warranted. What else would one have to do to get the death penalty? Maybe Arias needed to stab Travis another 30 times or actually behead him? Seriously folks, if this case did not reek of the death penalty, what does? As the verdict or non-verdict was read in this case, the family and friend of murdered  Travis Alexander cried and stared at the jury in disbelief. Individuals sobbed in the court house and even the judge struggled with her words reading the verdict and thanking the jury for their service to the community. Yes this jury gave a verdict of first degree murder, but how did this jury not have it in them to give this family justice and some how feeling the need to put this family through more pain?

However, this is not over.  In a written statement, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said prosecutors “will proceed with the intent to retry the penalty phase.”


An Arizona judge declared a mistrial in the penalty phase of the Jodi Arias trial Thursday after a deadlocked jury said it couldn’t decide whether to sentence her to death.

That means a new jury will be chosen, but the first-degree murder conviction still stands.

A retrial for the penalty phase will begin on July 18, Judge Sherry Stephens said. A status conference has been scheduled for June 20.

The hung jury brought to a close a dramatic chapter in a high-profile case that has lasted for months, drawing spectators who lined up for courtroom seats and waited anxiously outside the courthouse.

But the closely watched trial isn’t over yet.

Jodi Arias, make no mistake about it, there will be another day and you will get what is coming to you.

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    2 Responses to “Judge Declares Mistrial in Jodi Arias Penalty Phase … Jury Cannot Reach Unanomous Decision, Hung Jury on Life or Death for Arias”

    1. Swan on May 24th, 2013 4:08 pm

      reading some speculation on the 2 jurors that might of opposed the death penalty. Juror #2…late 40′s or early 50′s, white male, dark hair, smirked when Martinez said in his closing said to Jodi, “If you stab me you are in this court unlawfully”…..Juror #9, in his 60′s, white male, hippy looking with a white pony tail, wore jeans or shorts. (You should dress appropriately.) Both jurors were seen going to coke machine together. After the judge dismissed them from the trial he moved abruptly to leave the court room to his car. Maybe there moonbats!!!!

    2. kashekamon on May 27th, 2013 11:50 am

      This trial is disgusting….millions spent on someone who brutally, repeatedly, committed acts of violence. 4 jurors voted against the death penalty because they said the death penalty was for massive or serial killings. The law doesn’t say that, the death penalty, such as the Arias crime, can also be applied to someone who committed a heinous murder.

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