IDIOTS #THE DEMOCRATS: Democrat Party Think Spirit of Memorial Day is About King Barack Obama Eating Ice Cream



A note to the Democrat Party, it isn’t always about Barack Obama, especially when it comes to the spirit and what Memorial Day is all about. For some reason the clowns at the Democrat Party posted in honor of Memorial Day a picture of Barack Obama easting ice cream. As reported at The Blaze, the photo of President Barack Obama downing an ice cream cone in St. Paul, Minnesota, last June was accompanied by the message, “Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!” But for Liberals and Progressives eating ice cream best represents Memorial Day and is what the blood of so many fallen heroes who have sacrificed so much means.

Wow, America’s finest men and women have sacrificed their lives for this great nation so that the United States of America can be free and we have a political party that makes the memory of our brave soldiers about one man and eating a frigging ice cream cone. I can’t wait for the 4th of July of Obama eating hotdogs and Veterans Day with a pic of Obama throwing down a Slushie. What the hell is the matter with you people?


Obama_Memorial Day 2015

Twitter – The Democrats @TheDemocrats

Others appear to be a miffed too like Jake Tapper of CNN, who stated on Twitter, “This is not what Memorial Day Weekend is About”. However, Jake Tapper on Twitter is properly honoring the Day by remembering America’s heroes. Many others on Twitter were not to happy.


Maybe the morons at the Democrat Party might want to take a field trip to Arlington National Cemetery and walk down every row and take a good look at the endless number of headstones of those that made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. Because Freedom is not free.


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    One Response to “IDIOTS #THE DEMOCRATS: Democrat Party Think Spirit of Memorial Day is About King Barack Obama Eating Ice Cream”

    1. Ronald J. Ward on May 25th, 2015 7:52 am

      Is it really that such minute issues as this make today’s so-called conservatives heads explode or is it that today’s so-called conservatives go to such great lengths, and then settle for whatever minute issue they can find to justify a head exploding rant?
      Hey RJW you are walking on shaky ground with my when you trivialize the soldiers we have lost that gave their lives so that Obama can enjoy ice cream.

      I have an uncle who is buried in Arlington National Cemetery who scarified all for this country, over and over again.

      Little issue? You know little of what heroes gave to this country so you have the right to act the fool. Don’t go there or you will witness what a real rant looks like.


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