Gallup Poll, Near Record Number, 49% Think the Democrat Party too Liberal


See the pendulum swing …

Wonder why Democrats find themselves in a precarious position just five months from the 2010 midterm elections? According to a recent Gallup poll, 49% of Americans think that the Democrat Party is “TOO LIBERAL.”

In the past two years, Americans have become increasingly likely to describe the Democratic Party’s views as “too liberal” (49%), and less likely to say its views are “about right” (38%). Americans’ views of the Republican Party, on the other hand, have moderated slightly, with a dip in the percentage saying the GOP is too conservative from 43% last year to 40% today, and an increase in the percentage saying it is about right, from 34% to 41%.

In 2008 just 39% thought that the Democrats were too liberal … enter BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and his liberal, progressive, socialist, big government agenda. Most alarming for Democrats is they have lost the Independents. Since 2008, Independents who think Democrats are too liberal has gone up 12%.

Making matters even worse is that voters find the Republican party more to their liking as 41% said that  their politics are about right, up from 34%.

That is why Barack Obama is considered the most partisan President in history. It is also the reason why all honest individuals state that Democrats are going to take a bath in the 2010 elections and could potentially lose both the House of Representatives, US Senate and majority of governorships.

If you doubt the notion, NRO stresses an important polling bit of info, “the only time more Americans saw the Democrats as “too liberal” was just after the ’94 elections”. We all know what happened in the 1994 elections and the 54 seat swing in the House.

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