5 Year Old Boy Receives Invoice After Missing Friend’s Party



A five year old boy was given a child “no show” invoice for missing a schoolmate’s birthday celebration and he and his parents are are being threatened with legal action, should they refuse to pay. The family was sent a bill for £15.95 ($24.14): monies due, for apparently, for failing to RSVP. HUH? So let’s under stand this, these individuals are getting a bill and being threatened with legal action over $25 for not RSVP’ing? Since when can you assume some one is coming to your party if you don’t RSVP? They might have a leg to stand on if the boy did RSVP and never showed.  WHAT A JOKE. Maybe the 5 year old should counter-sue for emotional distress.


A UK family is crying party foul after their 5-year-old was billed for missing a schoolmate’s birthday celebration. Now they are being threatened with legal action, should they refuse to pay.

Cornwall residents Derek Nash and Tanya Walsh said they were shocked when their son, Alex, arrived home from preschool with a brown envelope stuffed in his backpack. Inside there was a formal invoice from another mother, Julie Lawrence, for £15.95 ($24.14): monies due, apparently, for failing to RSVP to her son’s fete when Alex could no longer attend.

“It was an invoice for a ‘child no-show’ fee for the party… and it was a proper invoice with full official details, even her bank details, and e-mail address, and name,” Nash told BBC News in an earlier report.

After expressing his frustration to his son’s teacher and school officials, Nash confronted Lawrence at her home, stating that he had found the invoice in his son’s bag and “wasn’t happy about that.”

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    2 Responses to “5 Year Old Boy Receives Invoice After Missing Friend’s Party”

    1. bearlyhere on January 22nd, 2015 4:54 am


      Alex’s parents, from Torpoint, had accepted the invitation to the birthday bash at a dry ski slope in Plymouth, shortly before Christmas.

      However, they later realised that Alex had been due to spend time with his grandparents, which he did instead of attending the party.

      I don’t agree that Alex’s parents should have to pay for him missing the party. That is just the cost of throwing a party, you need to allow for people not showing up, even after they RSVP. I am not saying it is okay to be rude and not show up after you say you are going to come, but my understanding has always been you allow for a certain percentage of no-shows at the last minute.

      Once they told Charlie’s parent he was coming to the party, Alex’s parents should have told them when he could no longer attend. I understand Alex’s parents are saying they did not have contact information for Charlie’s parents, but where were they planning on dropping Alex off before they decided to accept an invitation from Alex’s Grandparents at the last minute instead?
      SM: Thanks for the further info …

      It is however just crazy how sue happy the world has become. The fact that in 2015, well, would have been 2014 when this occured, that it only cost $25 per kid for the party should be the real story, LOL.

      Family just needs to suck it up and move on.

    2. bearlyhere on January 22nd, 2015 9:38 am

      I think one reason there has been so many lawsuits is because companies/people refuse to do the job they are supposed to do, or they just don’t care about the humanity of others. There is so much apathy and selfishness, in some cases the only way to wake someone/a company up is to hit them in the only place they care about–their pocketbooks.

      There is the other side where people file frivolous lawsuits. There are those who are selfish or wish to take people’s humanity away. Some use the law to intimidate others, forcing them to doing things their way, taking away the freedom of others forcing them to do things against their beliefs.

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