Gubernatorial Race in Maryland Goes to Republican Larry Hogan Over Democrat Anthony Brown



The governors race in deep blue Maryland has been called for the Republican  Larry Hogan. WHAT? That is correct, Republican Larry Hogan has defeated Democrat Anthony Brown. Not Hillary Clinton, not Michelle Obama and not even Barack Obama stumping for Brown in such a blue state like Maryland could get Anthony Brown over the finish line. But in the end, they failed. According to the Associated Press, Larry Hogan is projected to win with 52.1% of the vote, with 87% of precincts reporting. Mr. Brown won 46.4% of the vote. It was most certainly a surprise GOP gubernatorial pickup.

Maryland 2014 Gov Race


Larry Hogan is officially Maryland’s next governor, after Anthony Brown has made a concession speech.

Jessica Kartalija spoke with gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan.

The theme of the evening has been taxes and supporters say that when Hogan enters office, he will hit the ground running.

“We’re all so happy,” said Ellen Sauerbrey, the press secretary for the Hogan campaign. “The results that are coming in are a testament to the fact that it’s not just Republicans who are voting for us…it’s Democrats, it’s independents.”

“What a historic night in Maryland,” Hogan said. “They said it couldn’t be done here in Maryland—but together, we did it! I just received a very gracious call from Lieutenant Governor Brown. He was very gracious and congratulated me on being the 62nd governor of the state of Maryland.”

Hogan thanked Brown and current Governor Martin O’Malley for their service to Maryland. He also thanked New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for his help and called this the biggest upset in the entire country.

“Thanks to the help of everyone in this room, this is the largest mandate for change in Maryland in 63 years,” Hogan said.

Surprise Win for GOP’s Larry Hogan in Maryland Governor Race … Anti-Obama backlash.

Mr. Hogan’s win, coupled with a slew of Republican victories Tuesday night, is another example of Republicans winning a race where Democrats were considered to have a slight advantage. Florida’s governor’s race also went to a Republican, defying expectations, and Georgia’s Senate race—which was expected to be at the very least tight—went easily to Republican David Perdue.

Anti-Obama sentiment likely gave Mr. Hogan a boost, particularly as Mr. Brown—unlike most Democrats this cycle—didn’t shy away from appearing with the president over the course of his campaign. President Barack Obama stumped for him last month and urged voters to head to the polls, and Mr. Brown called the president a “friend, a partner and a leader.”

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    1. jeremy on November 7th, 2014 7:42 pm

      Anti-Obama sentiment did not give Larry Hogan a boost over Anthony Brown. The writer of this article is a “hack” and does not know true journalism and how can you tie a governor’s win to the president? The votes there were based on state issues, not national issues.

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