NBA Great Michael Jordan Calls Barack Obama a “Hack” and “a Sh*tty Golfer”


Note to Michael Jordan, don’t be shocked by your next IRS audit …

In an interview with Ahmad Rashad, NBA great and Hall of Famer Michael Jordan trash-talked President Barack Obama’s golf game, calling him “a hack” and a “shitty golfer.” Talk about some straight talk. Rashad, looked at the camera with a concerned and puzzled lok following Jordan’s hack comment and said, “if he really wanted to say that, the president of the United States is a hack? YES HE DID BOBBY MOORE, I mean Ahmad Rashad. What part about the fact that Michael Jordan is bigger than Barack Obama don’t you get? It must be another disappointing day for Barack Obama, Democrats are running away from him, can’t remember his name or even if they had voted for him in the past. Now,

“I never played with Obama but I would,” he said. “But no, it’s OK I’d take him out. He’s a hack. It’d be all day playing with him.”

Rashad, looking awkwardly at the camera, asked Jordan if he really wanted to “say that, the president of the United States is a hack?”

“I never said he wasn’t a great politician,” Jordan said. “I’m just saying he’s a sh***y golfer.”

A note to Michael Jordan … I am saying that Obama isn’t a great politician, in fact he is a political hack as well.

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    One Response to “NBA Great Michael Jordan Calls Barack Obama a “Hack” and “a Sh*tty Golfer””

    1. kashekamon on October 31st, 2014 10:38 am

      Very fitting for the obama personality….hack the hell out of the ball and tear up the green and especially his insensitive tee off time when we just delivered a speech about our beheaded American, James Foley, and minutes later was back on the golf course fist bumping and laughing with cyrus walker and ready to play another round. obama said it was the fault of the media and the fault of the press for the coverage. He also said he was on vacation and the theater of the presidency is “not something that always comes naturally to me”. For the love of God , caring and showing compassion is not suppose to be an on stage act. By saying the above he admitted, without even knowing it, that he has a narcissistic personality disorder. Not to mention his sociopathic behavior. He is so full of himself, it sickens me, it’s tums or pepto bismol time, when I read or hear or even look at him.

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