14 Year Old Solomon Pule Charged As Adult In Rape Of His 8 Year Old Female Cousin … Threatened to Cut Her Of She Screamed



14 year old Solomon Pule has been charged in the rape of his own 8 year old female cousin. Baltimore City Police arrested the 14-year old boy on charges that he sexually assaulted an 8 year old girl, Pule will be tried as an adult. Pule was caught in the act by his mother as she came down stairs and saw her son on top of his 8 year old cousin with his pants down and her skirt lifted. UNREAL.  The victim told police that Pule threatened her with the scissors to keep her quiet she was told, “if I scream to tell you he was going to cut me.”  Police say Pule admitted to the crime.


Solomon Pule, 14, was turned in to authorities last Monday by his mother, according to CBS Baltimore.

A probable cause statement, obtained by Fox News Baltimore, said Pule’s mother came downstairs to see the teen mounting his young cousin on a love seat. The little girl’s skirt was lifted, Pule’s pants were down, and a pair of scissors sat next to the two, according to the statement.

“He told me if I was to scream that he was going to cut me,” the victim told police. “He shoved his thing in me.”

So let’s understand this, not only did this 14 year old rape his 8 year old cousin, he also threatened he with violence to keep her quiet? What kind a sociopath do we have on our hands?

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    One Response to “14 Year Old Solomon Pule Charged As Adult In Rape Of His 8 Year Old Female Cousin … Threatened to Cut Her Of She Screamed”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on April 29th, 2014 1:24 pm

      There is no indication in the article, but my experience tells me this is probably a single mom household. A 14 year old is beyond the capabilities of a mom applying rules and proper discipline. He knew what he was doing was wrong by applying the threat of harm to the eight year old.

      Perhaps this the proverbial “Straw that broke the camels back” situation where the mom realized she had a dangerous young man in her home and it was time to remove him. At least she did the right thing by turning him over to the authorities for his act.

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