He’s Back and Off the Wagon … Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford Caught Drunk, Swearing & Rambling on Video at Fast Food Steak Queen Restaurant


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford … the You Tube video gift that keeps on giving …

Guess who is back and completely off the wagon and back on the sauce? Yes, you guessed it, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Wow, this guy is a media and late night comedy show’s dream. Rob Ford was recorded on video at a fast food steak restaurant slurring his words, dropping the “F” bomb sound like a Rastafarian speaking in Jamaican patois and using  Jamaican expletives. Jamaican? Has anyone seen this pasty white dude? He is the last person I would get confused with a Rasta.  The late night antics of Ford at the Steak Queen in Rexdale is proof positive that some one has been drinking again.

After the video went public, Rob Ford admitted that he had been drinking. No word as to whether he was back on the crack. Ford was quick to say that he was not drinking and driving. Nope, just drinking and playing the fool.

The Toronto Star:

 Mayor Rob Ford was off the wagon at an Etobicoke steak joint this week, impaired and rambling, associating with accused video extortionist Alexander “Sandro” Lisi and hurling profane, expletive-laden insults at Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair.

It was all caught on video while Ford — who admitted Tuesday he was back to drinking — was out with people he calls “friends.”

“F—ing Chief Blair,” Ford says in a videotape made at approximately 1 a.m. Tuesday. “They chase me around for five months … you know how much that costs?”

Ford is incoherent during portions of the video. In other parts he clearly uses Jamaican expletives that members of the local community say are “highly offensive” to women

Ford also says “c—sucker” before ranting about Chief Blair, then follows up with Jamaican expletives.

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