OH MY CANADA … Toronto’s Crack Smoking Mayor Rob Ford Says the Following During Live Media Presser … “He Gets Enough Pu$$y to Eat at Home” VIDEO (Update: Wants to Run for Prime Minister Of Canada)



So you thought that you had heard it all from Toronto’s crack smoking mayor Rob Ford? Not even close. At a presser answering some media questions and allegations against him, Ford did the unthinkable. Ford stunned everyone in attendance with his lewd, inappropriate and foul mouthed comments about allegations in court documents released that he had claimed to have been intimate with former policy adviser Olivia Gondek. Are you kidding me, who says this? Does this man have any self-restraint? Your wife must be so proud.

“It says I wanted to eat her pu**y and I have never said that in my life to her. I would never do that. I’m happily married and I’ve got more than enough to eat at home.”

Warning, and we do mean warning: Graphic piggish language from an admitted crack user

Really Mayor Ford? When a individual finally admits to smoking crack, admits to one of his many drunken stupors and goes off on a foul mouthed tirade wanting to kill someone and thinks nothing of it to use the “P” word in public … I would dare say that you are pretty much capable of saying anything. Just saying.

This man does not care about politics, he is a self-centered narcissist who has no self-control and the world and media attention needs to center around him.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford could see council restrict his office budget today.

Last week they stripped him of most of his powers, now they look to take away all of his powers and make him mayor in name only.

A new challenge to Mayor Rob Ford awaits him at Toronto City Hall today, as councillors are set to consider yet another motion to limit his powers.

The motion calls for paring back the mayor’s office budget so that it is equivalent to that of a regular member of city council, and for the balance of his budget to be administered by his deputy.

The councillors will also consider delegating additional powers Ford holds to Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly.

Council has already taken steps to restrict Ford’s powers in recent days, amid a high-profile scandal that has seen the mayor admit to having smoked crack cocaine, to buying illegal drugs and to other behaviours he has deemed embarrassing to have revealed.

UPDATE I: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Says He Wants To Run For Prime Minister Of Canada.

Could he just go to his reality TV show and stopping making a mockery of things. More from CNN of Toronto’s biggest embarrassment. The idea that Ford even contemplates being Prime Minister after all of the stuff he has been through lately tells us more than we need to know of Rob Ford.

Sounding confident about his re-election chances, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said this weekend that he has aspirations for higher office.

“Yes, one day I do want to run for prime minister,” Ford said during an interview with Fox News Channel’s John Roberts.

Without delving into specifics, Ford said that he is receiving treatment while insisting that he does not suffer from addiction.

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    4 Responses to “OH MY CANADA … Toronto’s Crack Smoking Mayor Rob Ford Says the Following During Live Media Presser … “He Gets Enough Pu$$y to Eat at Home” VIDEO (Update: Wants to Run for Prime Minister Of Canada)”

    1. giantslor on November 18th, 2013 6:07 pm

      Joke’s on you guys — Rob Ford is a proud conservative!
      SM: Sorry, that’s were you and I differ. I am able to call anyone a scumbag, lowlife irregardless of their political affiliation. To bad you are not capable of admitting Obama is a worthless failure.

    2. giantslor on November 18th, 2013 6:12 pm

      Law-and-order Conservatives offer only hugs for Rob Ford: Tim Harper

      SM: Sorry, but once one crosses the too-crazy line, all bets are off. Ford needs help and he is too much of the politics of look at me for my tastes.

    3. James Michaels on November 19th, 2013 9:22 am

      Rob, November 19, 2013

      Who cares about if Mayor Rob Ford tried crack we all got skeletons in our closet move forward Rob Fuck them criticizing jealous co**su*kers…. You don’t owe NO ONE an explanation. Just look at all the disciples and what they did…

      SM: Skeletons? Are you that ignorant? Its not a skeleton if you are presently doing it. The guys is an idiot.

    4. James Michaels on November 19th, 2013 9:24 am


      SM: Yea, I am sure you are.

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