Obama Administration Changing the Obamacare Rules Again … Extending the ObamaCare Enrollment Deadline for People with Pre-Existing Conditions


I thought President Barack Obama and Democrats said that Obamacare was settled law?

The Hill is reporting that the Obama administration is once again changing the rules of Obamacare and extending the deadline of Obamacare enrollment for individuals with pre-existing conditions. The deadline was supposed to end on January 31; however, it has now arbitrarily been extended to March 15. Making matters worse, the original dead line was supposed to be December 31. Hmm, did Congress pass some form of amendment to Obamacare allowing such a change? I thought Democrats said this was settled law? It is hardly anything but as provisions within the law have been continually changed from what was initially passed in a partisan Democrat vote. Hmm, didn’t HHS Sec. Sebelius say that there would be no more delays?

Obamacare delay

The Obama administration announced Tuesday that it was again extending the ObamaCare enrollment deadline for people with pre-existing conditions.

The administration said it will extend the Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Plan (PCIP), slated to end January 31, until March 15.

“As part of our continuing effort to help smooth consumers’ transition into Marketplace coverage, we are allowing those covered by PCIP additional time to shop for new coverage while they receive the ongoing care and treatment they need,” Health and Human Services spokeswoman Joanne Peters said in a  statement.

The deadline was originally at the end of December, but last month the administration pushed it back through January because of the problem-plagued HealthCare.gov website.

The new extension is just the latest in a string of unilateral delays the administration has implemented to buy time after the disastrous rollout of HealthCare.gov.

The Obama administration has so far delayed the premium payments deadline, delayed by one week the sign-up date for coverage beginning Jan. 1, pushed back by six weeks the sign-up date for those seeking coverage by April 1, and delayed the second-year enrollment period until after the 2014 elections.

And as we are witness to the current disaster and debacle of Obamacare,  The NY Post is reporting of a soon to be another 25 million more Obamacare victims.

So a conservative estimate is that 25 million people, out of the 60 million in small group plans, get dropped in 2014. Add that to the 5 million or so whose individual-market already canceled on Jan. 1, and you have a lot of losers.

Indeed, it looks like ObamaCare will create twice as many losers as winners in 2014. The Congressional Budget Office projects that 16 million will gain coverage via the law’s Medicaid expansion (9 million) and subsidized exchange plans (7 million) — and even that’s rosier than the enrollment figures we’ve seen so far.

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    4 Responses to “Obama Administration Changing the Obamacare Rules Again … Extending the ObamaCare Enrollment Deadline for People with Pre-Existing Conditions”

    1. dawg1948 on January 15th, 2014 9:44 am

      Next thing you know Obummer will issue a Presidential Decree Extending his Presicency for Life, ROTFLMAO!!!

    2. kashekamon on January 15th, 2014 5:46 pm

      So when is the s*** really going to hit fan???

    3. SUPER DAVE on January 16th, 2014 8:49 am

      #1: there are those who say this will happen for sure. that Hillary running is just a ruse to cover up what is happening. look for martial law before his time is up.

    4. Pat in Alabama on January 16th, 2014 9:14 pm

      #1, 3 I’m also looking for something like this to happen before his term is up; at least do away with term limits.

      With regard to changing the rules of Obamacare:
      its not nice to question the decisions of the King.

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