RUT-ROH, Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire Calls for Obamacare Open Enrollment Extension


RUT-ROH, and so it begins … we see the first chink in the armor.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) is the first Democrat law maker calling on Barack Obama and the White House to extend the Obamacare enrollment period due to the disastrous rollout. The enrollment period is scheduled to end March 31, 2014. Also, Shaheen asks the White House for clarification as to whether Americans will still be penalized if they are unable to obtain health insurance after the open enrollment period ends on March 31, 2014. If individuals don’t have insurance for at least three months out of the year, they could face a portion of the fine, which amounts to $95 or 1 percent of an individual’s income.


Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is calling on the White House to extend Obamacare’s open enrollment period amid continued frustration with the troubled

“The difficulty that people in New Hampshire and in other states that are relying on the federally facilitated marketplaces are experiencing is incredibly frustrating and disappointing,” Shaheen wrote in a letter to President Barack Obama. “For over three years, we have been waiting for the creation of the health insurance exchanges, which now in their fourth week of existence, are riddled with problems.”

She is also asking the administration to clarify whether Americans will get fined for not getting insurance when the site is not working properly.

The move makes Shaheen, of New Hampshire, the first Senate Democrat to come out for extending the open enrollment period, which is scheduled to end on March 31.

If the Obamacare failures continue, we are going to see a surge of politicians asking for and extension and eventually and outright delay in the “individual” mandate.

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    One Response to “RUT-ROH, Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire Calls for Obamacare Open Enrollment Extension”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on October 23rd, 2013 7:56 pm

      There are twenty-three Democrat Senate seats up for election or re-election in 2014. This senator is ahead of the others in recognizing that the “Obamacare” ACA will be a major failure by the summer of 2014.

      The people will vote the Democrats out of office as they should. In fact, the entire bill was passed illegally by the Democrats in the Senate and House by “deeming” the House vote. The people should send all of them home.

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