This Used to be America … Long Island Police Officer Threatens to Ticket Man for Washing His Own Car in His Own Yard Because of Idiot Neighbor & More Idiotic Law (VIDEO)


Remember when we used to live in America?

Check out the VIDEO below where a police officer is threatening a home owner with a ticket for washing his car in his own driveway. UNREAL. But before you blame the officer, you may want to first blame the moronic, PITA neighbor who called the police or the ignorant politicians who passed an ordinance that stated people could not wash cars in a public place. The cop was pretty straight forward that he was only the messenger. However, I will say this … the police officer got it wrong on the intent of the ordinance. You can hear the police man say that washing a vehicle is prohibited in a public place. Um, what part about private property is a public place? NOTHING!!! The ordinance did not say public view. But I would ask this … what moronic idiot politicians passed a law violating an Americans private property rights? This is what has happened to Our Country in that little by little our liberties have been taken away by a tyrannical federal, state and local government

“What is that? Doing any kind of work here or any kind of detailing, like washing the car — things like that you are not allowed to do,” the police officer said.

The officer said although the car wasn’t going to be washed in the street, which is illegal, washing it in the driveway would still be in the public’s view, Hall reported. No one received a ticket during the ordeal and The Garden City Police Department had no comment about the incident.

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    One Response to “This Used to be America … Long Island Police Officer Threatens to Ticket Man for Washing His Own Car in His Own Yard Because of Idiot Neighbor & More Idiotic Law (VIDEO)”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on December 22nd, 2013 6:27 pm

      This is a police officer trying to placate a neighbor who was complaining. He did what he thought would stop the car washing by making a threat of a ticket. The surprise he received was the homeowner knew his rights and proceeded to photograph the officer.

      There is an ordinance against using a public street to wash or maintain a vehicle. The City Manager learned of the incident and notified LE that the officer had zero right to threaten a ticket for washing a vehicle on private property.

      The bad thing that happened is that the officer continued to drive by and threaten with his presence for several days. This officer needs to be suspended for several days without pay.

      The neighbor needs to be presented a letter from the City Attorney to cease to call 911 for such nonsense or be charged a fine.

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