HHS Sec. Sebelius Says President Obama Didn’t Know About Obamacare Website EPIC FAILURES Before Its Rollout


Its either plausible dependability or the most incompetent and over their head CEO of the United States in American history.

In an interview with CNN, HHS Secretary Sebelius said that President Barack Obama did not know about the Obamacare web site. HUH? Is it because they did not tell him, or Obama did not care to ask? How is it possible that Barack Obama did not know what was going on or was provided updates with his signature piece of legislation? Was Obama too busy playing golf or on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard? In Sebelius’ efforts to deflect the blame from Obama, she is making him look like a complete  incompetent, non-leading bystander.

Sebelius actually blamed volume as part of the web sites problem but yet the web site crashed in a beta stress test with only 200 individuals logged on. Yet, these brain surgeons allowed this site to go active on October 1st knowing that it would fail. Only the federal government would do such a thing. If it were a private business, such a launch would have been so damning that it most likely would have caused their demise. But don’t worry America, Obama and Sebelius are fixing the problems with a “tech surge” and more of your tax payer dollars after already having spent between $400 and $600 million. Sebelius actually had the nerve to say that “we didn’t have 5 years” to keep testing. UNREAL. Your government hard at work making excuses.


President Barack Obama didn’t know of problems with the Affordable Care Act’s website — despite insurance companies’ complaints and the site’s crashing during a test run — until after its now well-documented abysmal launch, the nation’s health chief told CNN on Tuesday.

In an exclusive interview with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta asked when the President first learned about the considerable issues with the Obamacare website. Sebelius responded that it was in “the first couple of days” after the site went live October 1.

“But not before that?” Gupta followed up.

To which Sebelius replied, “No, sir.”

Sebelius admitted that there is concern in her department and the White House over the technical debacle surrounding the website rollout, saying “no one could be more frustrated than I am and the president.” The site was supposed to make it simple for people to search and sign-up for new health care policies starting on October 1, but instead it’s been clunky and, at times, inoperable.

“We’re not at all satisfied with the workings of the website,” Sebelius said. “We want it to be smooth and easy and let consumers’ compare plans.”

Sorry, its is almost impossible to believe that Barack Obama did not know, as MSNBC even said, they are outright lying. At this point no one can trust anything that comes from their mouths as the stories are getting more and more fishy. Let’s call it willful ignorance.

The American Thinker has more of Barack Obama’s by-standing and the claims that he never had a clue during anything that has gone bad or was embarrassing.

It must give the White House a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that no one in the mainstream press is going to call them out for this blatant lie. Or question how it is that the White House was told repeatedly as far back as March that there were monumental technical problems with the website and no one bothered to tell the boss.

As with all the other instances where Obama claims he was in the dark, this one doesn’t pass the smell test.

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    4 Responses to “HHS Sec. Sebelius Says President Obama Didn’t Know About Obamacare Website EPIC FAILURES Before Its Rollout”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on October 23rd, 2013 10:35 am

      The legacy of Obama will be failure and “its not my fault”. Democrat party voter fraud and 90 percent black votes are responsible for this fiasco.

      There are plenty of black people in our society that could run circles around Obama regarding getting things done.

      When a community organizer is elevated to the job of POTUS, this is what you get.

      I am glad the roll out failed. To give the federal government control of the health care of the people is pure socialism and borders on insanity.

    2. Sebelius says President didn’t know of Obamacare website’s woes in advance | The Americanist on October 23rd, 2013 10:44 am

      [...] News, “The Lid”, BuzzFeed, Real Clear Politics, americanthinker.com, Scared Monkeys, The PJ Tatler, Business Insider, NBC Politics, Le·gal In·sur·rec· tion, Weasel [...]

    3. kashekamon on October 23rd, 2013 6:18 pm

      obama and his administration are ignorant for starters, they’re liar’s, they’re sloppy, they’re clueless, they’re deceitful and have a I don’t give a shit attitude. Remember obama said that you can get away with anything in this country, just don’t get caught. Isn’t that a great message of leadership. He’s a pig!!!!

      Food stamp and Medicaid fraud overwhelming. We can begin with obama’s own family, his aunt and her son, which is his cousin. Illegal immigrants stealing from the system. A dishonest President to say the least involving his own flesh and blood. And he was well aware of it all.

    4. The Finger Pointing Begins … ObamaCare Website Contractors CGI Federal & QSSI Blame Obama Administration for Healthcare.gov Fiasco | Scared Monkeys on October 24th, 2013 11:00 am

      [...] contractors work was up to snuff. Obama is in charge of Sebelius. So no matter how anyone wants to deflect blame from Obama, this is on [...]

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