The Job Killing Obama Healthcare Legislation Law … 74% of Small Businesses will Fire Workers and Cut Hours under Obamacare


Obamacare … this is the reason why a bill that affects so many Americans is supposed to be read, discussed and passed by a bipartisan vote.

According to a recent poll, the Chambers survey showed that three-quarters of small businesses are still making plans to avoid the costly Obamacare law by firing workers to get under 50 employees, reducing hours of full-time staff, or shift many to part-time. At a time in which the unemployment rate is consistently above 7%, so many Americans find themselves underemployed and food stamps are at an all time high, now small businesses have this terrible law thrust upon than that is a job killer and will now have workers converted for full time to part time. The Obama administration has already delayed the employer mandate until 2015 as they scramble to implement this fiasco. The House looks to take a vote to delay the individual mandate as well. However, no matter, whether the delay is one year or 2, employers are already making decisions to deal with the law so to defray the new expenses in Obamacare.   So can some one explain again how Obamacare is good for America?


Despite the administration’s controversial decision to delay forcing companies to join Obamacare for a year, three-quarters of small businesses are still making plans to duck the costly law by firing workers, reducing hours of full-time staff, or shift many to part-time, according to a sobering survey released by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

“Small businesses expect the requirement to negatively impact their employees. Twenty-seven percent say they will cut hours to reduce full time employees, 24 percent will reduce hiring, and 23 percent plan to replace full time employees with part-time workers to avoid triggering the mandate,” said the Chamber business survey provided to Secrets.

Under Obamacare, just 30 hours — not the nationally recognized 40 hours — is considered full-time. Companies with 50 full-time workers or more are required to provide health care, or pay a fine.

  • 77 percent continue to think the U.S. economy is on the wrong track. However, small businesses are more optimistic about their local economy and individual business.
  • The majority (61 percent) of small businesses do not have plans to hire next year.
  • Concerns about regulation have increased significantly from 35 percent last quarter to 42 percent now.

This should come as a shock to no one, you were all warned that this would happen. But we were just called racists and Obama haters. No, we were calling the signature piece of Barack Obama legislation for what it was, a disaster that was terrible for Americans and America.

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    3 Responses to “The Job Killing Obama Healthcare Legislation Law … 74% of Small Businesses will Fire Workers and Cut Hours under Obamacare”

    1. Rightknight on July 17th, 2013 9:01 am

      Let’s see what’s going down here. ‘ObamaCare’ is: causing
      less employment overall, causing full time employees to
      switch to part time multiple jobs, causing fines, preventing
      careers from taking root, dropping average wages (and thus
      reducing collected taxes), creating government-dependents
      wholesale, doubling/perhaps tripling the $$ cost of healthcare/
      insurance, creating havoc, snarling participants in ‘Red Tape
      Bureaucracy’, stealing much of Medicare, causing doctor
      shortages, increasing inefficiency, altered at the whim of
      the ‘President’, not clear and solid, not competitive in the
      least, a true train wreck in progress! Plus, there are unintended
      consequences as well!

      ‘ObamaCare’ cares about Obama first and places your health and
      life in the hands of the ‘Government’ instead of your own hands.
      Would disagreeing with your ‘Government’ in the least little way
      have a tendency to affect your ‘Government’ healthcare
      in the least little way?

    2. Cal Collicott on July 17th, 2013 9:03 am

      Freedom not to participate.

      On September 7, 1916, Congress passed the Public Health Service Act, [Public Law 410] 58 Stat. 682(pertinent part reproduced below). The very title was designed to deceive, it had nothing to do with the public, and it was an *elective form of insurance. The reason no one is required to participate in the Health Care Act, as stated in section 1555, is simply the Act amends the Public Health Service Act, the original law was not repealed, so any amendment would also have to be voluntary.
      Section 1001 (pertinent part reproduced below), clearly states the PPACA is an amendment to the Public Health Service Act, for the most part, it’s an International Agreement for Foreigners, and government owned corporation employers.
      google; Title 5 U.S.C. chapter 89 group health care.
      The agency posed to enforce the Act, is the Public Health Service, their record of healthcare is recorded in the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment.

      One Hundred Eleventh Congress
      of the
      United States of America
      Begun and held at the City of Washington on Tuesday,
      the fifth day of January, two thousand and ten
      An Act
      Entitled The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
      Public Law 111-148 ( available on line)
      Subtitle A—Immediate Improvements in Health Care Coverage for All Americans
      *Sec. 1001. Amendments to the Public Health Service Act.
      Sec. 1555. Freedom not to participate in Federal health insurance programs.

      No individual, company, business, nonprofit entity, or health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage shall be required to participate in any Federal health insurance program created under this Act (or any amendments made by this Act), or in any Federal health insurance program expanded by this Act (or any such amendments), and there shall be no penalty or fine imposed upon any such issuer for choosing not to participate in such programs.
      Public Health Service Act (the original law)(maritime law)

      July 1, 1944 [H.R. 4624] | [Public Law 410] 58 Stat. 682
      SEC. 1.
      Titles I to V, inclusive, of the Act may be cited as the “Public Health Service Act”.
      SEC. 605. (a) Section 7 of the Act of September 7, 1916, entitled “An Act to provide compensation for employees of the United States suffering injuries while in the performance of their duties, and for other purposes”, as amended (U.S.C., 1940 edition, title 5, sec. 757), is amended by changing the period at the end thereof to a colon and adding the following: “Provided, That whenever any person is entitled to receive any benefits under this Act by reason of his injury, or by reason of the death of an employee, as defined in section 40, and is also entitled to receive from the United States any payments or benefits (other than the proceeds of any insurance policy), by reason of such injury or death under any other Act of Congress, because of service by him (or in the case of death, by the deceased) as an employee, as so defined, such person shall *elect which benefits he shall receive. Such election shall be made within one year after the injury or death, or such further time as the Commission may for good cause allow, and when made shall be irrevocable unless otherwise provided by law.”

    3. A Texas Grandfather on July 17th, 2013 9:28 am

      The people who “pull the wagon” need to call on their elected congressional people to repeal this unconstitutional piece of garbage legislation.

      This is the most destructive legislation ever passed by congress. The Democratic party passed this by using every trick and rule bending method they could find. Now they need to pay the price by being removed from office via the ballot box.

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