Obama Administration Delays Online Enrollment For Small Businesses In Obamacare By 1 Year


Another day and another Obamacare delay …

If this train wreck was an injured animal we would have to do the humane thing and put it out of its misery.  The Obamacare debacle continues, Obama administration announces that online enrollment for small businesses in Obamacare will be delayed by a year. Of course they did it in a Thanksgiving Day eve news dump so to lessen the media coverage and hoping Americans will be too busy eating turkey, mashed potatoes and shopping on Black Friday.

Of course this was another convenient delay until after the 2014 midterm elections. What galls me to no end is that uninsured, unaffordable healthcare is a real problem in America that needed to be addressed and Obama simply has made it a political game.

Obama_One finger

Yup, just one more year delay in online small business enrollment, that will fix it.

The Obama administration today announced a one year delay of online enrollment for small businesses looking to purchase health coverage through federal Obamacare exchanges, another high-profile setback for HealthCare.gov.

It’s the second delay for online small business enrollment, which the administration had said would begin this month.

The White House is trying to get the troubled enrollment website on track for individuals and families seeking coverage, which is a higher priority. It set this Saturday, Nov. 30, as a target date for getting HealthCare.gov working for the “vast majority” of users.

The delay of the small business exchanges comes as little surprise, as the administration had said earlier this week it would offer alternative ways for small businesses to enroll. Still, it undercuts the White House message that it’s beginning to turn around the disastrous rollout of the health care law.

As Jammie Wearing Fool opines, now the libs have even more Obamacare talking points for the Thanksgiving Day dinner table, more Obamacare delays.

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    2 Responses to “Obama Administration Delays Online Enrollment For Small Businesses In Obamacare By 1 Year”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on November 28th, 2013 10:59 am

      More politics by the lawmaker in chief> Selectively choosing to enforce those parts of the law that suits his political needs.

      When will the spineless people in Congress do the job they are sent by the people to do? The offenses of this administration are approaching the 100 mark. This needs to stop and the only way to stop it is to bring articles of impeachment.

    2. kashekamon on November 29th, 2013 9:20 am

      There’s that elongated finger pointing, evil, deceitful, dishonest, lying POS. Bring on the articles of impeachment without doubt.

      He has other serious issues that also involve impeachment.

      The Republicans and many Democrats believe this is the only choice and it is.

      And once the Feds and the C.I.A. along with the Secret Service do their job and come forward with the truth about obama and his birth in Kenya, his real name, his phony soc security number, retched past, his intentional defiance and disrespect for our constitution and much more locked away in those documents, it’s even beyond impeachment.

      He’s a traitor to our country and to “We the People”.

      He was hired to do a job, he is suppose to work, represent and support us. Well, not in his mind, he has done the direct opposite with extreme misuse of his power and control to destroy our great country and everything we stand for.

      Don’t you think other nations are wondering and questioning why he is still in office and being protected by all the security with taxpayers dollars???? It’s insane!!!! The illegal immigrant has put us on a path of destruction.

      The devil that has eaten man’s best friend-the loyal and faithful dog!!!!

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