CNN’s Piers Morgan Interviews Trayvon Witness Rachel Jeantel … She Explains Difference Between ‘N*gga’ And ‘N*gger’ … Oh My Dear God!


Oh Dear God, this was the prosecutions star witness? Really? This is what the prosecution hoped would be the witness that put them over the top, Rachel Jeantel? It was painful enough listening to her testify during the trial and then being dismantled by the defense. Now this riveting interview (video). What was comical is that in this interview Rachel Jeantel admitted that Trayvon Martin did weed, twice a week. So a 17 year old was doing illegal drugs. Hmm.   But nothing tops Rachel Jeantel commentary on the difference between “N*gga” and “N*gger”.

In the second part of his interview with Jeantel, Morgan turned to the “creepy-ass cracker” comment she made and the major impact it had on the tenor of the case. She explained that the term is actually spelled “cracka” and defined it as “people who are acting like they’re police.” She said that if Zimmerman had calmly approached Martin and introduced himself, her friend would have politely said what he was doing there and nothing more would have happened.

Mediaite reported:

Jeantel explained to Morgan that “the whole world say it’s a racist word” but the version of the word that she testified Martin had used in reference to Zimmerman, spelled “n-i-g-g-a” doesn’t mean what most people think it means. It doesn’t mean a “black male” as Morgan assumed, she said, but rather any kind of man, including “Chinese” for example. Morgan helpfully pointed out that that’s the version rappers use in their music.

“But nig@er,” Jeantel said, stressing the “-er.,” is a “racist word.” She said “I’d advise you not to be by black people” when you say that word, Jeantel explained, “because they’re not going to have it like that.” And this is not just in her community as Morgan posited but in the entire “generation.”

Sorry, I have to borrow a line from the movie  ‘Billy Madison’ when the Principal says to Billy after his answer in the industrial revolution. I have added Rachel Jeantel’s name for affect … Rachel Jeantel, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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    8 Responses to “CNN’s Piers Morgan Interviews Trayvon Witness Rachel Jeantel … She Explains Difference Between ‘N*gga’ And ‘N*gger’ … Oh My Dear God!”

    1. Tanasia Savage, 13093619880 on July 16th, 2013 11:15 am

      She’s right because I was born in 1995 and I never once looked at the word “Nigga” as a racist term. It was something every one used no matter what race. Now “Nigger” is a racist term and will always be because it is what the white peoole gave to blacks a long time ago. If you don’t believe so just ask a younger person because quite frankly the older people are too high up on their stool. People need to stop assuming and get the facts straight because this young lady speaks nothing but the truth since she stepped foot on that stand, and to say you don’t like her or she’s lying because she’s doesn’t fit in your perfect view then you’re very illiterate. It is people like them who drive people insane and give a bad reputation for America. God made us different for a reason!

    2. Debbie on July 16th, 2013 11:26 am

      Rachel said towards the end of the interview that Trayvon was afraid that Zimmerman was gay and an rapist, and that is why he jumped Zimmerman and beat him up. Listen to the entire interview.

    3. Pete on July 16th, 2013 7:38 pm

      I felt sorry for her, she was obviously scared to death. She did much better in the P.Morgan interview. This case turned on Zimmerman’s intent… meeting the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt was nearly impossible under these facts. Having an all white jury made it completely impossible.
      SM: So the female jury could not convict GZ? Please. If there was actual evidence that he did what the prosecution claimed he did, they would have. Had there been a person of color as you wanted, all that would have been accomplished would have been a hung jury.

    4. katts on July 16th, 2013 8:19 pm

      @ #1
      I’m sure she does speak a “truth” for the 1990s generation
      And a terrible truth it is.

      No need for cheap illiterate illegal immigration labor we have an entire subculture already established.

      Spoke to a third grade teacher here in Florida. Cursive writing is not being taught, apparently in certain schools, and areas as other parents, professionals, say their chilren are being taught in the public and parochial schools

      Hmmmm and the answer is ….

    5. A Texas Grandfather on July 16th, 2013 8:27 pm

      Poor Rachel, is the product of a failed school and social system. Anyone trying to improve behavior by blacks is regarded as a “craka”.

      It doesn’t matter about the color of one’s skin, it is the lack of good social behavior that makes those with better skills want to improve those in need.

      This is the very problem that Thomas Jefferson recognized during the times of this country’s founding. He was very concerned that some could not be given good educations and would not follow good behavior.

      The American tax payers have spent several trillions of dollars since 1964 trying to correct bad behavior. It will never happen until we have stable black families that desire their children to behave properly and get a good education.

      When a woman uses the children she bears out of wedlock as a source of income, this important improvement will never happen. Social engineering by well meaning, but ignorant politicians is the principle cause of today’s black problem.

    6. john on July 16th, 2013 8:44 pm

      Thanks for that insight. I only thought I could say nigga as I sing along in my car. Tomorrow, I will run around Chicago calling everyone in my way nigga!
      SM: Um, some how I think I would advise against that.

    7. Teresa on July 17th, 2013 12:42 pm

      I’m with you John! Glad she explained it for us!

    8. brenda on July 17th, 2013 11:06 pm

      mr morgan should not be asking a questions like

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