Where Was Obama During Benghazi Attack? Top Obama Official Dan Pfeiffer Says, “I Don’t Remember What Room Obama Was In. It’s a Largely Irrelevant Fact”



Did you catch this mornings FOX News Sunday interview of Obama top aid Dan Pfeiffer and Chris Wallace? If you did, you heard Pfeiffer trip over himself and get very defensive when Wallace asked the question as to where President Obama was during the attack.  Pfeffer said that the president was kept up to date as to the situation in Benghazi. Wallace countered with, “what did he do that night” and ”where was he?”. Was he in the Situation Room?  As stated at the Weekly Standard, Dan Pfeiffer responded, ”I don’t remember what room Obama was in. It’s a largely irrelevant fact.” HUH? Pfeiffer just admitted that Obama was not in the Situation Room, otherwise he would have said he was there.

Pfeiffer just showed how thin-skinned, defensive, and evasive the Obama administration is. Instead of answering the question with a simple answer as to where Obama was, Pfeiffer has to come up with excuses and blame Republicans for conspiracy theories.  Wallace says, here is the point, the Ambassador goes missing, the first one in 30 years in killed. Four Americans, including the Ambassador are killed. Dozens of Americans are in jeopardy. The president at 4 pm says to the Chairman of the Joint Forces deploy forces, yet no forces are deployed. Where is he when all this was going on?  Pfeifer then did his best to master the five d’s of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!

Pfeiffer says, “The suggestion of your question that some how the president allowed this to happen”. Well, if the disengaged president fits, WEAR IT! It’s obvious the Obama administration does not want to provide the truth. The idea that Obama was sleeping while Americans died would not go over well with “We the People”.

Why cant Barack Obama or any of his minions answer the simple question, What did Obama know and when did he know it? The Obama administration is trying to make light of the Benghazi attacks, which is shameful in its own right. Legal Insurrection reminds of Obama’s own words, there appears to be a lot of “THERE, THERE“.  What a way to deflect and try and make the Benghazi story go away, pretend like the death of four Americans, including the death of a US Ambassador is no big deal.  From the PJ Tatler, “Hillary Clinton wondered what difference it made whether we got to the truth of what happened in Benghazi. Now we have White House aide Dan Pfieffer saying it was “irrelevant” where the president was during the attack.” If it’s so irrelevant and its makes no difference, why can’t Obama and his minions just answer the question then? Maybe because as Joe Biden has said in the past, “Its a big F’n deal”.

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    8 Responses to “Where Was Obama During Benghazi Attack? Top Obama Official Dan Pfeiffer Says, “I Don’t Remember What Room Obama Was In. It’s a Largely Irrelevant Fact””

    1. A Texas Grandfather on May 19th, 2013 12:52 pm

      I watched the entire interview. This guy was well trained in how to not answer the question.

      This administration thinks that sending guys like this out to the talk shows on TV will help them make the people understand. All it does is make the people mad when the talker is obviously stating things that make zero logical sense.

      This is just more lies from an administration that cannot behave itself or do the job they were hired to do.

    2. Rightknight on May 19th, 2013 4:14 pm

      The answer is that Obama was always in charge and doing
      the correct thing…..in his dreams that is!

    3. Rightknight on May 19th, 2013 4:18 pm

      Did he mean (correctly) that Obama was the Irrelevant Fact, or
      where Obama was sleeping is the Irrelevant Fact?

    4. mc on May 20th, 2013 10:08 am

      A) Barky ordered everything and knew what was going on or…

      B) Barky knew nothing at all what the people in his administration are doing.

      Pretty much paints an ugly picture either way, doesn’t it?

      On the hand hand, a tyrant, on the other, an idiotic boob.

    5. NGBoston on May 20th, 2013 11:23 am

      A native from the hometown I grew up in, in MASS was killed in this attack.

      Although I did not know him personally—-I can certainly tell you WHAT ROOM I WAS IN when the news of these attacks and his death came on TV.

      More BS from the left. HRC took the fall for her then Boss and this is just insane the excuses the POTUS and Sec State first used a few weeks prior to election time.

      It stunk badly then, and now combined with the IRS and other scandals STINKS EVEN more now.

      Will this just “go away”, too? Messing with a Federal Agency (IRS) and using them and their confidnetial info to “spy” on people is a Federal Crime of epic porportions, is it not? Last time I checked, people went to jail for a very long time over stunts like this.

      Let’s see what pans out….but not holding my breath waiting for another long, overly expensive independent investigation to begin on this. Ugh.

    6. super dave on May 20th, 2013 12:38 pm

      Obama himself is irrelevant to our country. he is not American, can’t subtract, can’t speak without reading .
      as far as where he was sleeping, maybe Eric Holder
      knows ? they seem very fond of each other.

    7. Bill Linehan on May 24th, 2013 6:23 pm

      I think he was reading “My Pet Goat.”

    8. A Marine on June 1st, 2013 9:33 am

      He is not American, God you (edit) conservatives can’t see the bigger picture, The supreme court obviously has proved that he is AMERICAN!!! So get up off your asses, and stop being racist. I’m not backing the President up, but most of you (edit) were unaware that Benghazi was in fact a CIA Outpost who were got the information first. You all rely on the media so much to stand your ground, when you fail to conduct your own research. Try and understand that powerful republican leaders also voted for him for his second term, because of what has slowly been changing. So quite your racistt bantering about not AMERICAN. You don’t know the first thing about being an American.
      SM: First of al “A Marine”, try formulating a sentence without cursing, if possible, or I will just delete the comment in its entirety next time.

      Second, what powerful republican leaders voted for his? The problem appears to be that the 2012 election was most likely stolen thru voter fraud and the IRS intimidation of conservative grassroots organizations whose object was to have Obama lose. Meanwhile the IRS fast-tracked liberal non-profits that would have aided Obama, Hmm … no scandal there now is there?

      Third, Obama was AWOL before, during and after Benghazi. And yes, the WH most certainly had much to do with the changing of the talking points to lie to the American public right before the 2012 election. Hmm, sensing a pattern here.

      Fourth, A CIA outpost. This has been one of the theories put out there that the terrorists attacked the Consulate to draw out the people from the CIA safe house. Some have suspected that the CIA just might have used that location to interrogate and torture terrorist. Something that Obama said would never happen under his watch. Would make a lot of sense for O to want to hide that, wouldn’t it?

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