Obama Official Matthew Olsen, Director of the National Counterterrorism Center Says Benghazi Killings was a terrorist attack


The gig is up for the Obama spin machine and this Obama foreign policy debacle …

Finally after eight days of denial and insulting the intelligence of Americans and spinning the truth of what happened, an Obama official admits that the attacks on the Benghazi consulate and the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans was the results of a terrorist attack. Even the Obama spin machine could not cover this travesty up. After shamelessly stating that the attacks were a result of an anti-Mohammad video trailer of a movie no one has seen, the lie is over. Four dead and an American Ambassador to Libya murdered, sodomized and dragged through the streets on the 11th anniversary of 9-11. This Administration is going to have a hard time explaining to total and complete security failure.

The Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was in fact “a terrorist attack” and the U.S. government has indications that members of al Qaeda were directly involved, a top Obama administration official said Wednesday morning.

“I would say yes, they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy,” Matt Olsen, the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, said Wednesday at a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, in response to questioning from Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-CT) about the attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

As for who was responsible, Olsen said it appears there were attackers from a number of different militant groups that operate in and around Benghazi, and said there are already signs of al Qaeda involvement.

“We are looking at indications that individuals involved in the attack may have had connections to al Qaeda or al Qaeda’s affiliates; in particular, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb,” he said.

However, after previously spinning the obvious that the Benghazi attacks were terror related, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney declined to say that security was adequate at the Libyan consulate in Benghazi. Carney was rather silent on blaming the video for the attacks. The gig is up and this foreign policy fiasco will have major ramifications. No wonder Sec, of State Hillary Clinton was no where to be found on the Sunday talk shows this past weekend.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today declined to say that security was adequate at the Libyan consulate in Benghazi during that the assault that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya last week on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, saying the matter is being studied.

Asked by Ed Henry of Fox News is there was sufficient security at the consulate, Carney replied, “I am simply saying that this is a matter under investigation.”

Carney added, however, that there were  steps “taken both seen and unseen in advance in preparation for times like 9/11.”

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    2 Responses to “Obama Official Matthew Olsen, Director of the National Counterterrorism Center Says Benghazi Killings was a terrorist attack”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on September 20th, 2012 8:57 am

      Mr. Carry is looking more like “Bagdad Bob” every day. He continues to make a fool of himself by trying to cover for an administration that doesn’t have a clue about running anything.

      I never thought we would have another administration as foolish as Jimmy Carter, but Barry and crew have done more dammage to our country and its worldwide leadership than one could have imagined.

    2. Tamikosmom on September 20th, 2012 12:17 pm

      I posted the link to a youtube of the Allen West/Greta interview of yesterday. Maybe the problem could be from my end but … I cannot access the video at the FOX website.


      Rep. Allen West ‘On the Record’
      Sep 19 2012 – 11:19 PM ET

      Al Qaeda Connection Confirmed on Libyan Embassy Attack – Col. Allen West – Greta Van Susteren


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