Megyn Kelly Rips Liberal Guest Simon Rosenberg Over Benghazi Talking Points … ‘Can We Have Some Honesty?’


Fox News host Megyn Kelly once again showed that she has no tolerance for liberal BS as she blasted her liberal guest, Simon Rosenberg, founder of the progressive think tank NDN, during her show Thursday while discussing the 12 times edited Benghazi talking points. Kelly asked … “Can we have some honesty?” This actually needs to happen more often when liberals try to mislead on TV, radio or the Internet. It can be done respectfully; however, it can no longer be allowed for those with an agenda to mislead, be allowed to do so. An opinion is one thing, but trying to mislead and misrepresents the facts has to be called for what it is.

Hat Tip: The Blaze via Mediaite

 “What?” a baffled Kelly asked. “Did you know that the State Department was heavily involved in editing the talking points?”

Rosenberg responded that “we know that there were terrible mistakes made on the ground in Libya that allowed this tragic event to happen” and “we know that for several weeks afterwards the administration was confused about what happened.”

“We don’t know that,” Kelly said.

She went on to note that White House press secretary Jay Carney had said that only very minimal changes to the talking points were made. “Maybe I’m just naïve because I was still believing Jay Carney until I saw all this evidence.”

After Kelly asked again whether or not Carney misled the American public, Rosenberg repeated the point that nothing had “materially changed,” noting that “we know there was confusion.”

“You’re telling me Jay Carney was being truthful? He made a mistake twice in November and then again in May?” Kelly shouted. “Come on, Simon! It is not a mistake to say that it was only stylistic changes and only one word was changed.”

“That’s not a mistake when we now know that the White House was the one meeting on this issue. I just — can we have some honesty? Wouldn’t it be so great?”

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