Megyn Kelly Roasts MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough as He Shills His Book, ‘The Right Path’ … “You Can Join His Four Viewers” Tomorrow Morning on The Morning Joe


HA, HA, HA … Megyn Kelly just scorched former US Rep. Joe Scarborough and co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe … oh she is subtle and good!

Last night Joe Scarborough, co-host of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ went into the lions den to promote his new book, ‘The Right Path’. Or so he thought. As Megyn Kelly had a good time at Scarborough’s expense as he attempted to plug his new book, that is when she hit him with the knock out punch as she ended the interview … You want to see more of Joe, you can join his four viewers and see it tomorrow morning. Ok so she was embellishing a bit, The Morning Joe has 9 viewers. Of course this was harmless banter, not the personal attacks one gets when going on MSNBC.

As Scarborough tried to steer the conversation back towards politics, Kelly couldn’t resist continuing the roast. Even when she plugged his book, she made sure to note how Fox News has “so many viewers,” insinuating he came to the right place to promote it.

Then she went after his show’s ratings.

“Thanks for being here,” Kelly began. “You want to see more of Joe, you can join his four viewers and see it tomorrow morning… No, just kidding.”

Joe Scarborough_Megyn Kelly Book

Screen Grab – Video Mediaite (click on pic to watch VIDEO)

An MSNBC host appeared on Fox News tonight. No, you’re not reading this from a parallel universe where dogs walk humans, that actually happened. Joe Scarborough appeared on Megyn Kelly‘s show to plug his new book, and the interview quickly turned into a roast where Kelly got in a few barbs at Scarborough’s expense.

Scarborough complimented Kelly on his set, at which point she shot back, “There’s still a blond woman on the set interrupting you at every turn.” And, referencing one of Scarborough’s worst moments, she warned, “If you snap your fingers at me, you’d have eight fingers instead of ten.”

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