OUCH … The Washington Post Gives Barack Obama 4 Pinocchio’s for His Claims that he called Benghazi an ‘Act of Terrorism’



“The day after it happened, I acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism.” (President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron new conference 5/13/13)


WOW, the Washington Post Fact Checker calls President Barack Obama a liar and gives him 4 Pinocchio’s for his claims that he called the Benghazi an “Act of Terror” following the attack that left four American dead, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. Barack Obama had the audacity yesterday to say while answering a question on Benghazi that he called Benghazi a terror attack. Nothing could be further from the truth and even the left-leaning WAPO is calling Obama on it. As Powerline opines, Obama Bobs and Weaves on Benghazi. However, this rope-a-dope is more dope than rope. Barack Obama is twisting in the wind as he has lost all credibility.

The only one who has politicized Benghazi for their political gain has been The One


— President Obama, remarks at a news conference, May 13, 2013   Once again, it appears that we must parse a few presidential words. We went through this question at length during the 2012 election, but perhaps a refresher course is in order.

Notably, during a debate with Republican nominee Mitt Romney, President Obama said that he immediately told the American people that the killing of the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans in Libya “was an act of terror.” But now he says he called it “an act of terrorism.”

Some readers may object to this continuing focus on words, but presidential aides spend a lot of time on words. Words have consequences. Is there a difference between “act of terror” and “act of terrorism”?

Left Kirsten Powers stated yesterday about the  Obama’s Benghazi Press Conference: “I’m Just Going to Call Them Lies Because They’re Lies”  … “Nobody Thought He Called It a Terrorist Attack”

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    2 Responses to “OUCH … The Washington Post Gives Barack Obama 4 Pinocchio’s for His Claims that he called Benghazi an ‘Act of Terrorism’”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on May 14th, 2013 4:46 pm

      When a government cheats, lies and steals from the citizens it is time for the government to be removed and restructured.

      There are two ways for this to be accomplished. By the congress,courts and the ballot box. The second way is by the opening line in the Declaration of Independence.

      Which will be the path taken by the people?

    2. Rusty Bridges on May 15th, 2013 7:19 am

      Candy Crowley was not there to carry his water this time.

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