New York Post Nails Barack Obama with Brutal Front Page Pic … What Islamic Terror?



OUCH … This one is going to leave a mark. The New York Post shreds Barack Obama and his refusal to call terrorism for what is truly is … Radical Islam jihad. This president is putting the United States national security at risk as he refuses to identify the enemy and yet he smugly speaks at this so called extremism conference when the fact of the matter is, it might just be Obama that is the extremist. Can you imagine if FDR the Nazi’s as individuals who had “legitimate grievances”?

The New York Post on Thursday unveiled a brutal front page targeting President Barack Obama over his recent refusal to acknowledge the role Islam plays in fueling violent extremism around the world.

The cover, first posted on the Drudge Report, featured Obama with a blindfold across his face.

“Islamic terror? I just don’t see it,” it said.

Obama on Wednesday spoke at the White House’s summit on violent extremism, once again contending that “no religion is responsible for terrorism.”

Obama_see no evil

Pic – Drudge Report

The New York Post:

They’re burning and beheading victims in the name of Islam, but President Obama delivered a major speech Wednesday on combating violent extremism — while refusing to use the words “Muslim terrorists.”

“No religion is responsible for terrorism — people are responsible for violence and terrorism,” Obama told a crowd that included Muslim community leaders at the White House.

Following months of unrelenting atrocities by ISIS killers who released videos of themselves beheading US journalists and, most recently, 21 Coptic Christians, and burning a man alive, the president kowtowed to the audience by proclaiming that “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.”

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    2 Responses to “New York Post Nails Barack Obama with Brutal Front Page Pic … What Islamic Terror?”

    1. BabyBear on February 19th, 2015 11:13 am

      I’ve heard Obama say a number of times that Islam is woven into the fabric of this country and it has made many contributions to the US. It occurs to me that I can’t name a single contribution which could be constructive; certainly blowing up tall buildings and exploding pressure cooker bombs during a race can’t be considered beneficial contributions. A government official in New Jersey asked that very question, “What have they contributed” and was promptly fired by Christie.

      And then we are told by some young girl at the State Department that all that is needed by the Jihadists is the opportunity to have a job. (I agree with Guiliani that her performance was like a SNL parody.)

      Islam has contributed nothing to the world and to this country except death, misogyny and slavery. Those things are not “Woven into the fabric” of this country but soon will be if our government doesn’t take action to protect us from these Neanderthals

      Obama, being one of them IMO, is working toward the goal of a world-wide Caliphate and doing a damn good job of it.

    2. A Texas Grandfather on February 21st, 2015 5:34 pm

      I agree Babybear.

      The sad part is that a recent study indicates that because of the inter-marrying of the Muslim culture (cousins marrying cousins or similar)has produced a damaged gene pool that puts the average IQ between 70 and 80 with only a few reaching the normal IQ of 110. The study included those from Pakistan as well as those from the Arabian peninsula.

      These people cannot contribute anything but problems for themselves and any Western nation they may live in.

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