The Audacity of the Obama White House … … Jay Carney Blames Mitt Romney for Benghazi Scandal



The Audacity of Hope Barack Obama. The Obama Administration and their minions are some of the most vile that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has ever seen. After ABC News had exposed the Benghazi talking points had been edited 12 times to the point where they did not even reflect the truth as to what happened … during their damage control, the Obama spin machine and chief Obama mouthpiece Jay Carney tried to blame  it all on Mitt Romney. How pathetic are these people? Who politicized Benghazi and the death of Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods? It was the Obama administration who as even MSNBC and CNN are reporting edited the talking points for political purposes during a reelection campaign. MSNBC is even going as far as discussing impeachment as a result of the Obama administrations actions. This administration lied and scrubbed the Benghazi talking points to get reelected and they have the gall to say others politicized Benghazi? Families, friend and Americans want answers to what happened and the Obama administration continues to misrepresent the truth.

But with President Obama, the buck always stops with some one else.


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    One Response to “The Audacity of the Obama White House … … Jay Carney Blames Mitt Romney for Benghazi Scandal”

    1. mc on May 12th, 2013 8:20 am

      Surprised Romney wasn’t blamed for allowing those four men to die.

      If we wait enough, I’m sure Obama and co. will figure a way to do it…and tie it to an obscure video.

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