Turn About is Fair Play … ABC’s Jake Tapper Question to WH Press Sec. Jay Carney, “Didn’t Obama Shoot First and Aim Later?”


There is nothing better than using one’s own words against them, especially when it is “The One’s” words. Mr. President, how does that crow taste?

We are reminded by Hot Air, that initially following the attacks and protests in Egypt and Benghazi, Libya that the MSM did not ask questions about the attacks or critical of the lack of security, but instead more concerned with going after Mitt Romney’s statements criticized the Obama administration’s handling of the situation.

President Obama ran with the media’s spin, positing on 60 Minutes that America doesn’t need a president who would “shoot first and ask questions later”

However, we have yet another reversal of fortune in the ongoing story and cover up of Benghazigate. Yesterday, ABC’s Jake Tapper turned the tables on the White House and Barack Obama when he asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney “… that there wasn’t even a protest outside the Benghazi post, didn’t President Obama shoot first and aim later?”

TAPPER: President Obama, shortly after the attack told “60 Minutes” that regarding Mitt Romney’s response to the attacks, specifically in Egypt, the president said that Romney has a tendency to “shoot first and aim later.” Given the fact that so much was made out of the video that apparently had absolutely nothing to do with the attack in Benghazi, that there wasn’t even a protest outside the Benghazi post, didn’t President Obama shoot first and aim later? …

CARNEY: Right. I’m not disputing that there was a protest, but what we said at the time was that the intelligence community assessed that the attack began spontaneously following protests earlier that day at our embassy in Cairo, ok? Again, this is a moving picture, and people who, on the night of an attack, or the day after, claim they know all the facts without making clear that what we know is based on preliminary information aren’t being straight. In some cases trying to politicize a situation that should not be politicized.

From Mediaite, Tapper continues to hammer Carney and Obama on the Libyan debacle.

Tapper brought up concerns that the State Department did not agree to increased security on the consulate prior to the attack. Carney made it clear that the deaths of the four Americans in Benghazi was “not acceptable” to the administration, adding that the security situation is currently the subject of investigation. Tapper asked again about the initial reaction of the State Department, to which Carney re-emphasized that he would not preempt any official investigations that have not been completed.

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