Charles Krauthammer Tells FOX Special Report Panel that President Barack Obama Has Lost the Main Gun Control Battle and “All He Wants Now is the Money.”


File this one under, why is everyone so shocked, surprised and quiet … Obama has always been about the “money” and the “issue,” not solving any problems.

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer rendered his fellow Fox News panelists on ‘Special Report’ momentarily speechless after he said that President Barack Obama had lost the main gun control battle and “all he wants now is the money”. Just curious, what did Krauthammer say that was so shocking? Has even Fox News become that liberal? I mean we all know Chris Wallace is a lib, but why wouldn’t the other panelists believe Obama was just in it for the money? For a socialist, he does like the $’s that are brought in on issues rather than actually solving America’s problems.

From The Blaze:

“All he wants now is the money,” Krauthammer said to several seconds of total silence.

“You don’t really mean that,” host Chris Wallace finally broke in.

“He’s lost on gun control,” Krauthammer insisted, saying that even if the bill includes expanded background checks — the “last item standing” — it’s “not going to make any difference.”

“Knowing all that, he is out there now exploring it as an issue. He is not going to get the solution he wanted, so he’ll make an issue. And that’s the way he operates. He does it on immigration. He does it on a lot of stuff. If you can’t win on a solution or get your way, you turn it into cash. He is excellent at turning stuff into cash.”

The fact of the matter is that no one should be shocked at what Obama does anymore.

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    2 Responses to “Charles Krauthammer Tells FOX Special Report Panel that President Barack Obama Has Lost the Main Gun Control Battle and “All He Wants Now is the Money.””

    1. rightknight on April 7th, 2013 8:45 am

      In order to get your hands on the money it takes power.
      The power comes from the incredible numbers of regulations
      that this ‘administration’ is doling out daily. Once the massive
      regulations have been spewed about, the money rolls in via
      the point of a gun: taxes and fees! Kings are all about control
      and money. (how can you be in control if you have no money?)

      Kings and Queens love that feeling of invincibility that comes
      with being in complete control of every facet of human life.

    2. Lightwave on April 7th, 2013 9:38 am

      The campaigner-in-Chief is always in it for the money. He’s a one percent corporate stooge working for the abortion mills (killing hundreds of thousands yearly) and Hollywood (glorifying murder and gun violence daily) and both of them are keeping minorities on the federal plantations (where thousands suffer and die) but he says he’s concerned about “protecting freedom.”

      There was never any way gun control legislation was going to pass, because the overwhelming majority of Americans DO NOT WANT ANY MORE FEDERAL GUN REGULATIONS PERIOD.

      I wonder what all the Leftards think now that Krauthammer has revealed the truth: that the Minstrel-in-Chief has played them all for fools again. They’ll never learn.

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