PEW Research Poll: Barack Obama Job Approval Slips to 47% as Economic Pessimism Rises


The latest PEW Research poll looks much like many of the other polls that Obama and his minions want you to disregard.

PEW Research poll has President Barack Obama’s job approval rating falling to 47%. This represents an 8% fall from his reelection to a second term and his December 2012 approval ratings. As The Daily Caller astutely points out, and as we learned from the 2012 presidential elections, the polls are always correct. There is going to come a point where Obama’s numbers crater for good. The American people are tired of being tired, and frankly growing weary of Obama’s promises. George W. Bush can no longer be blamed for the economy and the fact that the unemployment rate is going down has nothing to do with job growth. It has to do more with individuals leaving the work force. Look for the 2014 midterms to be a final choice by America whether they want to be a once proud country on the principles that our Nation was founded, or whether they want to be Western Europe and Cyprus.

Barack Obama’s job approval rating has tumbled since shortly after his re-election, as the public’s economic expectations for the coming year have soured. Despite substantial public awareness of recent gains in the stock market and rebounding real-estate values, the percentage saying economic conditions will get worse over the next year has risen to its highest point in nearly eight years.

Obama’s job approval measure has fallen eight points since December, from 55% to 47%. His rating is comparable to George W. Bush’s (45%) at the same point early in his second term and is much lower than Bill Clinton’s 60% rating in February 1997.

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    3 Responses to “PEW Research Poll: Barack Obama Job Approval Slips to 47% as Economic Pessimism Rises”

    1. Arminius Aurelius on March 23rd, 2013 10:22 am

      I am a ” right wing ” Conservative , NOT a Neo Con.
      Back in 2007/2008 I thought Obama was the lesser of 2 Evils . McCain was obviously a War Monger after his imprisonment by the North Vietnamese , I
      do believe he is mentally deranged . Obama made many promises such as pulling our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan soon after he was elected . Of course, it turned out to be typical political B.S. He did not follow through .
      I favored Obama even though I did not vote. He actually escalated the war .
      We have had non stop WARS since 1950, no matter which party is in power. Obviously there is an EVIL cabal behind the throne that dictates to our
      ” leaders ” . The only hope for our country is for a Military Coup d’ Etat in order to clean house, otherwise all is lost. We need at least 3 or 4 additional political parties in order to have a real choice.

    2. mc on March 23rd, 2013 10:35 am

      When Americans realize how deeply this man has reached into their wallets after April 15 I am sure the approval ratings will tank.

    3. Arminius Aurelius on March 23rd, 2013 11:15 am

      When you are only allowed to vote for 1 of the lesser of 2 EVILS , you essentially have NO choice .
      Is this really ” Democracy ?” Both parties approve of over 30 Non Stop wars since 1950. Both parties approve of open borders , both parties approve of shipping industry [ high paying jobs ] overseas, both parties approve of Foreign Aid to corrupt dictatorial countries as long as they do our bidding, both parties do the bidding of the Israeli Zionists in order to gain favor for the sake of money and power. Both parties grovel before Mammon and have sold out for 30 Silver Shekels . Both parties are TRAITORS .

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