15 Year Old Special Needs Girl Gang Raped Under her Desk during Class as Teacher Ignored Assault at Martin De Porres Academy in Elmont, NY



A 15 year old special female student was allegedly gang raped under her desk at the Martin De Porres Academy in Elmont, NY as the teacher did nothing. According to the law suit, the victim was sexually assaulted for 10 minutes as another student  ’hit her on the head whenever she tried to escape,’ during a science class at Martin De Porres Academy in Elmont, NY. The lawsuit states that the teacher was only a couple feet away from the rape and did nothing. The sick SOB’s forced the mentally challenged student to perform oral sex on them and also tried to anally sodomize her while one of them danced on her desk, all without attracting the attention of her teachers. How is this possible. But wait, it gets worse … when the girl reported the horrific incident the next day, school officials did nothing and failed to report it.

 Who thinks that one mentally challenged girl among 13 boys is a good idea? Who was the rocket scientist that thought this was a suitable situation, especially when some of the boys were residents of Casa De La Salle, a home for juvenile delinquents?

The girl’s mother, who filed the suit, alleged that the teacher ignored the assault even as one student danced on the desk while another attempted to sodomize K.J.

Though the girl told a school social worker the next day, school officials failed to report the crime.

K.J. has an IQ of 60 and was sent to De Porres by city.

She was the only girl in her class of 13 boys.

Her alleged attackers all had known ‘violent propensities’ and are residents of Casa De La Salle, a home for juvenile delinquents.

For every heroic teacher we hear about like the ones at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT who gave their lives to protect the children under their care, we sadly are witness to a dirtbag, useless piece of waste who just collects a pay check and turns the other way while a child is raped. Thankfully the teacher was fired and should never be hired again at any academic institution.

Martin De Porres executive director Ed Dana said the school conducted an internal investigation as soon as it heard of the abuse and fired a teacher as a result. “We want the community to know that we hold our teachers to a high standard. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of the children in our care,” Dana said in a statement.

It’s probably safe to say these juvenile delinquents are lost causes yet the bleeding heart liberals will find every excuse to ban guns but not rid society of this evil that walks among us.

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    5 Responses to “15 Year Old Special Needs Girl Gang Raped Under her Desk during Class as Teacher Ignored Assault at Martin De Porres Academy in Elmont, NY”

    1. NGBoston on January 15th, 2013 7:07 am

      This story is deeply, deeply disturbing.

      It has hit a raw nerve with me as just this Friday, my High School aged teenage Daughter was the victim of a bullying & beating incident outside of her School by a Spanish Thug Wanna Be Loser in a very nice and affluent suburb in Northern New England, only less than about 15-20 minutes from Boston proper.

      One day, I might give you folks all of the details but I shall tell you since I was witness to the actual altercation, we are pressing charges and there will be litigation and a hearing.

      America! What are we teaching our children! I am enraged and now my family will be faced with a very personal and troubling situation.


      I have so much anger, but yet passion as I have raised both of my Caucasian children to DO THE RIGHT THING. We are not racists in any way- but America is so divisive and all of the PC Bullcrap has just got to stop!

      Turn off damn MTV filled with nothing but modern day Rap music which glorifies drugs, guns, sexisim, rape of women and their overt sexuality. Does any 16, 17 or 18 year old Teenaged Boy living in America constantly need to be subjected to the over the top sexual exploitation of females of all creeds and colors? They wear next to nothing and bump and grind all over everything is these videos with hate filled, crime/street and urban slang which justifies the use of drugs, beating and raping women and killing cops!


      Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook, School shootings and now a story like this! I am disgusted.

      Rant to be continued at future time and place,,,,,BUT! Perhaps I am not quite finished yet….all of this bullying and violence/youth gang crap is hitting WAAAAAAAAAY to close to home now and affecting my young, pretty, smart WHITE AMERICAN DAUGHTER! She has been the COMPLETE VICTIM OF A HATE CRIME, which was motivated over nothing less than a name and a stupid stupid thing! This is REVERSE RACISIM at it’s most hurtful and “finest.”

      So! What is this crap?!? REALLY???? I have to have some Puerto Rican or Mulatto Loser piece of crap welfare sucking section 8 housing and food stamp disability check dirtbag threaten my daughter and say “Come to my Hood and you will get murked!!!”

      “‘murked’” in street slang means sliced and cut with a knife!

      OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I am NOT, repeat NOT a RACIST, but enough is enough! Now as a Caucasian American, raising our family in a nice suburb—I have to deal with this type of violence in my pristine Neighborhoods and Schools?????????????????????????????????????

      I will pay top dollar for a top Attorney and I will see this family, her Sister who has phoned in death threats to MY FAMILY, in A COURT OF MOTHER EFFIN LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Excuse my rant, and my French but I am NOT having this.

      When God told us all, to go forth and

      “Love One Another as I have loved you”—I do not believe that this is what he had in mind.

      I ask you all, my fellow bloggers here at SM, to say a prayer for my Daughter and Family because this sh*t is about to get real ugly.

      Pray for us through this difficult time, please.

      May I find the courage and strength that the Lord Jesus Christ has instilled in me to get past my angers and fears for my child and extend my hand of forgiveness one day to the Mother and family of this other teenager who was so very, very wrong in the violent act she committed. May I learn that as a good Christian woman, part of the beginning of the healing process is to get past the initial anger and shock of the trauma brought to my daughter and learn that one of the most powerful gifts of all one can give another person who has done wrong and sinned, is to try your best to tell them you forgive them. I do not! YET!

      Lord, please help me to be strong and set the proper example for how to love mankind, and not destroy all the good things in our World while we still have them.

      I write this post this morning with a very heavy heart and truly mixed emotions.

      Thank you for allowing me to vent, SM.

      New Girl Boston & Family

    2. Happy on January 16th, 2013 10:34 pm

      “Teachers” like these are rare. Not “for every hero there is someone like this”. That is simply not true. The schools are filled with wonderful teachers, and while there are a few who suck, and hardly any who would be ok witnessing a rape, most of them are good people and teachers. The pressures placed on teachers in many school systems are enough to make anyone crack. This so called teacher is obviously not fit to be out of prison any more than the kids who took part, but, like with the sandy hook shooter, there had to be quite a perfect storm of messed-up-ness leading up to that episode.
      SM: Sorry, there are plenty of bad teachers in schools. Yes there are also good ones, but the Teacher’s unions protect the bad ones. There are far too many bad one’s teaching today’s youth.

    3. Happy on January 19th, 2013 2:53 am

      The good far outweigh the bad. I saw the documentary about the unions, and that sucks. What the hell is wrong with those “teachers” who would rather sit and read the paper than to simply.I teach in the south where we are not protected by u ind a profession in which they are happynions…the sort of thing I saw in the documentary doesn’t exist in my state, so I have only seen what I have seen for 20 years in various schools, here and abroad. Mostly great folks who love kids. Sounds like unions are way counter-productive, and even foster the situation detailed above. I taught in a school where I had 35-40 kid per class, many of whom were criminals, and there is NO WAY this would have happened in our school.

    4. Happy on January 19th, 2013 2:54 am

      That last comment got copy and pasted weird before I was even finished! Oh well…you get the point…

    5. Kari on March 18th, 2013 2:43 am

      “I am NOT, repeat NOT a RACIST, but enough is enough! Now as a Caucasian American, raising our family in a nice suburb—I have to deal with this type of violence in my pristine Neighborhoods and Schools?????????????????????????????????????”

      Your rant is ridiculous because you seem to assume that it is okay to happen to the thousands of puerto-rican girls who get raped or beat up everyday by wanna-be Spanish thugs, but not to your precious Caucasian daughter. All I hear is “my NICE neighborhood, my nice schools, pristine suburbs, blah blah blah.” Who says the suburbs are safe? there is more concealed crime out there than anything in the city. If I am reading this wrong, let me know, but you keep bringing race into this when the only two divisions there are on this earth are people who are assholes and people who are not. Your daughter could’ve gotten beat up by someone white, and then what? What happens to your precious white daughter in your pristine suburb does not deserve to happen more to a black/spanish/asian/indian girl in a low income community. the man who assaulted your daughter is an asshole (and much worse), plain and simple.
      SM: From my perspective you are wrong. I think this is sick and heinous no matter what skin color anyone is. It is unbelievable to think that teachers manage to suspend kids for bringing “Hello” Kitty bubble guns to school but manage to overlook a sexual assault. Sick, just sick,

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