Wisconsin Judge Orders Deadbeat Dad Corey Curtis of Nine Children With Six Women To Stop Procreating


Let the punishment fit the crime … Let’s make it a crime to be irresponsible, how about child abuse and the future that deadbeat parents inflict upon children?

Circuit Court Judge Tim Boyle told 44 year old deadbeat dad Corey Curtis to stop fathering children until he can afford to pay for the ones he already has. Wow, what common sense. However, if this irresponsible fool had the common sense to do such a thing he would have already done so. Just how many children does this deadbeat dad have? He has nine children with six different woman. Great, more drain on responsible tax paying Americans from the “leech” society. Curtis should be forced to stop having children. although such an order is pretty much impossible to enforce. Because slackers in the United States have a Constitutional right to have offspring that the rest of us will have to support. Not to be sexist, let’s include the irresponsible six woman who have had sex with this guy as well. Yes, you are the models of motherhood yourself. Maybe the judge should have ordered them also to stop having children as well.

The Wisconsin man, who has fathered nine children with six women, was ordered yesterday to cease procreating until he can support his numerous offspring.

At Curtis’s sentencing yesterday for bail jumping and failure to pay child support, Circuit Court Judge Tim Boyle told the 44-year-old Racine man that his frequent breeding was to be curbed as a condition of his three-year probation term.

Curtis owes about $90,000 total in back child support and interest to the mothers of his children. Pictured in the above mug shot, Curtis will have to wipe out that debt before he can add heir number ten, ruled Boyle.

What a sad state of affairs when children are brought into the world with two strikes against them.  Maybe Bob Barker can start a spade and neuter program for deadbeat parents!!!

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    One Response to “Wisconsin Judge Orders Deadbeat Dad Corey Curtis of Nine Children With Six Women To Stop Procreating”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on December 5th, 2012 9:40 am

      There are just two ways to stop this guy. Just order him to the county jail for his nightly place of residence or take him to the hospital and have him castrated.

      The other side of the issue is the women. I would bet that all the women are either into drugs or alcohol and do not have a job. Just as SM indicated, a group of leeches on society.

      In a family situation such as this, the children are the big loosers and will more than likely become additional leeches follow their procreators in useing tax money to live.

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