Glenn Beck’s Masterpiece of Art … “Obama in Pee Pee” A Constitutional Right of Free Speech


Art is in the eye of the beholder … If the Constitution is good for one person, it should be equally interpreted for Glenn Beck.

Who knew that Glenn Beck was an artist? Well, if you consider the medium is bobble-head dolls and urine, he is your Picasso.  In what can only be described as if its good for the goose, Beck used his US Constitutional rights to create a work of art, Barack Obama in urine or as he named it, “Obama in Pee Pee”. Beck had recently supported artists rights to portray Obama in the image of Jesus Christ, even though it was offensive. The US Constitution protects the rights of others that might offend others and make their blood boil. But of course, the LEFT is all for art that would liken Obama to Jesus, but what will their reaction be to Obama in urine?  I cannot wait for the outrage from the LEFT.

“Art is in the eye of the beholder and this guy has a right to do this. I think its offensive. I don’t think its close to reality but whatever floats your boat. I support his right to do exactly that. I agree with him that people who are upset should not trump his right to be able to do it and be able to hang it wherever he wants – as long as its wanted there,” Glenn said.

And while some may find it surprising that Glenn would support the right for a person to paint a picture of Obama as Christ, he said it all goes to the Constitution – the one irrefutable piece of art which gives people the freedom.

As reported at The Daily Caller, it was really not pee, but beer instead inside the jar. That actually makes Glenn’s artwork and even greater masterpiece as it plays on the juxtapostion and irony of Obama having “beer summits” that are nothing more than photo-ops after he perpetually screws up and proclaims “learning” moments, namely his own.

Let’s see if the LEFT and the MSM have the same opinion of “free speech” when it comes to their Obamamessiah.

UPDATE I: Ebay pulls ‘Obama in Pee Pee’ Art Project Meant to Raise Money for Charity.

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    One Response to “Glenn Beck’s Masterpiece of Art … “Obama in Pee Pee” A Constitutional Right of Free Speech”

    1. acethepug on November 29th, 2012 8:04 am

      “Let’s see if the LEFT and the MSM have the same opinion of “free speech” when it comes to their Obamamessiah.”

      Really? Of COURSE they don’t have the same opinion of Free Speech. I mean, opposing Susan Rice just because she’s ignorant (at best) or a liar and oppotunist (at worst) is racism. Where was the legal action (or at least some overwrought hand-wringing, the Left is good at that) when several people tweeted about rioting if Mitt Romney won the election? Oh, right, Mitt isn’t black OR a Democrat …

      And yet … and yet, when the Democrats, including a former KKK member and a Senator who left a woman to drown, voted against Condi Rice, where was the hue and cry over racism?

      Where were the defenders of race (and Free Speech, and tolerance) for Clarence Thomas? For Stacey Dash when she had the audacity to support Mitt Romney? For Herman Cain or Allen West or Mia Love?

      No, racism, like Free Speech, like pretty much anything, only applies to Democrats using it like a club against Republicans.

      I honestly believe that most Leftists don’t feel that an act or result are moral — only the person performing said act. That’s why Byrd and Kennedy voting against Condi was okay, but anyone complaining against Obama or Susan Rice is racist, sexist, or both. You can perform the same action, have the same results, but if you’re not a Democrat, it’s bad and evil.

      How does one fight that when there is a complicit media covering for anything and everything the Dems do?

      Thank you for posting.

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