Post Hurricane Sandy: More Bodies Found in NYC, People Living Like Animals, Areas Still With No Power, Gas Lines and President Obama Goes Golfing


The Golfer in Chief appears to have left the victims of Hurricane Sandy behind … He Cared to get a photo-op, nothing more.

Remember when President Barack Obama traveled to the NY/NJ metro area to have his photo-op with NJ Gov. Chris Christie and claim that he would make that “we would not  leave anyone behind?” Well much like Ambassador Stevens and the three other Americans who begged for help and were left to die without being given any aid, well it appears the the folks in NYC, especially Staten Island are suffering the same fate. People are suffering, the dead are still being found, people are still without power and gas is at a premium. But do not fret people of NYC, your president, Barack Obama thinks so much of you, he went golfing.

Obama – Is that a water hazard or flooding from Hurricane Sandy?

Just curious, where is all of the national media coverage of the plight of the Sandy victims like they did following Hurricane Katrina? Oh that’s right, Obama is a Democrats. The MSM can’t possibly provide the imagery of an uncaring Obama especially since their false narrative has been, he cares.  Imagine, just imagine what the MSM would have reported had GWB went golfing following Katrina. Then again, the ignorant individuals who voted for Obama blamed everything on GWB. Maybe Hurricane Sandy was Bush’s fault as well

Weeks after Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast and the New York City area, a Staten Island man was finally  found dead in his flooded, mildewed home. Some thought that he had fled prior to the hurricane; however, some one had called in the fact that they smelled rotting flesh. After all this time, authorities are still finding bodies, unreal.

Cops found the body of David Maxwell in his Staten Island home on Friday after it lay undiscovered for 11 days — with his neighbors thinking he had fled before the storm.

The 66-year-old lived alone with his cat — which also died — in the modest yellow, two-family house on Mapleton Avenue in Midland Beach. The home now stands in a flooded wasteland of trash, ruined furniture, mold and mildew.

“It’s so horrible,” said neighbor Dorothy Matthews, 71. “He was alone in the world except for his cat and his partner in the nursing home.”   “I don’t know who called it in, but it was probably someone who thought the smell came from rotting flesh,” she added. “It smelled so bad out here the past few days.”

Some are saying that they are living like animals and wonder whether they are in a third world country or the United States. Well, you did vote Obama in for a second term so its really hard to tell these days.

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    4 Responses to “Post Hurricane Sandy: More Bodies Found in NYC, People Living Like Animals, Areas Still With No Power, Gas Lines and President Obama Goes Golfing”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on November 12th, 2012 5:13 pm

      This is sad. However, the people should be paying close attention to what is going on in this disaster. It portends what will happen in the future.

      Barry doesn’t care about the people. He has been re-elected so other than a photo op for his benifit, he will be found golfing.

    2. on November 12th, 2012 9:02 pm

      Hey, the news media tells us Owe’s doing a great job with the hurricane relief – so it must be so.

    3. PublicEnemy2u on November 13th, 2012 2:04 pm

      and I went to a concert Friday, did yard work on Sat. watched football on Sunday, had Vets day off.
      I didn’t fly to New York to help. I did give to the Red Cross for this disaster. If I could have gone golfing (or hunting) I would have. Since Obama will NEVER run for re-election again, it’s a waste of time and effort with these golfing instead of leading the country stories. Anyone that golfs knows alot of business gets done while golfing

    4. The Buck Stops... Back There...The Faceless Blogger on November 15th, 2012 1:20 am

      [...] the "tingly" feeling in his legs when he's in Obama's presence – just a little too creepy.) -FBApparently, the sign has been changed.  If not the sign, at least the concept has.  Exactly how lo…se days." width="416" height="198" />Apparently, the sign has been changed.  If not the sign, at [...]

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