UNREAL … City of New York Hits Hurricane Sandy Victims With ‘Failure To Maintain’ Property Citation


Just when Hurricane Sandy victims thought that it could not get any worse …

Just how ignorant is government bureaucracy? Talk about “Big Government” gone crazy.  The answer appears to be quite a bit. Rosanne and Joe Cavaliere, residents in a Queens, NY community actually received a citation for notice from the city for “failure to maintain” their property. Are you friggin kidding me?  I guess this is part of the “no red tape” that President Barack Obama promised during his first photo-op when he went to the Sandy ravaged area prior to the 2012 election.

Residents in one Queens neighborhood are crying foul after they were written up for failing to clean up the city’s own mess. It is yet another new complication in life after Superstorm Sandy.

Rosanne and Joe Cavaliere are still trying to clean up from the hurricane.

They have branches through their roof, busted front windows, and, to add insult to injury, they recently received a citation notice from the city.

Could you imagine? Folks in NY and NJ are still trying to get back on their feet after Hurricane Sandy that still has many individuals without power and homes and the City of New York in their infinite wisdom look to extort money from victims with such citations. Way to go Mayor Bloomberg. You are a man of the people.

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    2 Responses to “UNREAL … City of New York Hits Hurricane Sandy Victims With ‘Failure To Maintain’ Property Citation”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on December 6th, 2012 3:53 pm

      This is only partially the mayor’s fault.

      The idiots running the agency are the guilty ones. If they were doing their job right, they would already know which properties should have a waiver. This is exactly why big city governments do not properly serve the people.

    2. PaMom on December 7th, 2012 6:54 am

      The is truly a Progressive fund raiser.

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