Lib Fools at MSNBS & Democrats Ridicule Romney for Collecting Food and Supplies for Hurricane Sandy Victims


Can MSNBC really be considered a news network anymore? So now Romney is considered evil for helping people?

The bias, in the tank for Barack Obama MSNBC bashed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for collecting food and supplies for Hurricane Sandy victims at an Ohio event. It was initially supposed to be a campaign event; however, due to the sever death, damage and destruction of Sandy, Romney changed the event as a way to help victims. That did not stop MSNBC in trashing and criticizing Romney.

Transcript from NewsBusters:

ANA MARIE COX: I found that sort of fake relief rally, whatever it is, to be pretty offensive and also wrong-headed. You know, the Red Cross is put in this awkward position of saying, you know, “We don’t need canned goods, thank you very much, Mr. 1950s. You know, like we need money, we need people to donate blood.” And I think that sort of is Mitt Romney sort of writ small as it were, right? Like to not only do something so craven, but to do it in a way that’s not even helpful on a small scale.

MARTIN BASHIR: So Ana Marie, was it purely a photo opportunity? Was it purely for the sake of having people walk past him, hand him cans, and be on television?

COX: Well, it almost has to be seeing as how the thing he was doing was not something that the Red Cross actually needed. And so it almost has to be purely for politics purely as a photo-op. I mean, that’s his entire campaign, purely a photo-op really.

BASHIR: Karen, you wanted to add something to that.

KAREN FINNEY: Well, I was just going to say, you know, Martin, the thing is like when you have a platform or an opportunity to communicate a message particularly in a time like this, I think it’s incumbent on you to make sure that you’re communicating what is the most effective, helpful thing. And as a former governor, I would think that he would know that what the Red Cross needs in times like this is money and blood. Of course, it is human nature to want to help your fellow American that’s in trouble and to think “Oh, I’ll buy food or I’ll buy clothes.” But again, as we’ve been doing here on MSNBC and I hope other networks are doing, sort of helping, being a part of helping direct people to websites where they can donate or find out exactly what’s needed. I mean, that really should be the role. If they wanted to do something helpful, that would actually be the thing they could have been doing that would be helpful.

Nice Deb has the Democrat/Obama/MSM meme that Romney committed gaffes by helping people. Really folks, is this how low you have sunk?

Democrats play politics as well with Hurricane Sandy as Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfernsaid, “Look, I’m a partisan. I’ll let others judge this. But I think someone of Gov. Romney’s wealth could have just written a check for $10 million to the American Red Cross.” Let’s face it, the bias MSM and Democrats would have found fault in anything that Romney did. As Redfern said above, he is partisan.

These people are just sick and show exactly what Obama’s “Hope and Change” has become.

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    4 Responses to “Lib Fools at MSNBS & Democrats Ridicule Romney for Collecting Food and Supplies for Hurricane Sandy Victims”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on October 31st, 2012 9:12 am

      Since the liberals do not have a charitable agenda, they cannot understand anyone who is willing to help others. Their ideas of helping others is get the government to do it.

      This is the exact opposite of what our founders understood.

    2. rightknight on October 31st, 2012 9:31 am

      It takes many years to infiltrate and groom the
      MSM to abandon their charter and become wards
      of the State. No investigative reporting, parroting
      the ‘progressive’ lines of personal destruction in
      lieu of real news, and being obedient to the so
      called Administration. Alinsky would be proud.

    3. leader on October 31st, 2012 3:47 pm

      Christie versus Clinton 2016!!

      Poor Mitt has lost his mojo
      Resorting to blatant lies about Jeep, Chrysler and GM
      Must have killed you to see Jeep , GM and Chrysler to come out and call him the liar he is.
      You think people from Ohio don’t remember?
      They must or Mitt would not be wasting money in PA or MN. Living in a Dick Morris fantasy much?>
      SM: You mean this Ohio that has Romney ahead of Obama?

      Election 2012: Ohio President
      Ohio: Romney 50%, Obama 48%

    4. Seth Kelly on October 31st, 2012 4:36 pm

      The LDS faith has an entire system for disaster relief. Memeber of the LDS faith champ at the bit to help people during huricanes. I have helped plan, organize, and execute such events. We cut fallen trees off houses, bring food to the hunger, personal hygine supplies. Doing things like this is in our blood. The fact that Mitt took time out for it is not surprising. I’d be surprised if he didn’t. No it was not an attempt for a photo op. It may have been used as one but in his HEART he was serving those in need. Even if it was for a short while. Good on ya Mitt.
      SM: I don’t remember LDS chomping at the bit to help in the aftermath of hurricanes but I know the Amish and Mennonites did assist after Hurricane Irene. Nothing against Mitt, I just don’t believe his religion had anything to do with it. Now as a missionary, I’m sure he may have run into many different scenarios. (klaasend)

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