Now Democrats Blame John “Lurch” Kerry for President Obama’s Poor Debate Against Romney


Because it just could never be Obama’s fault … has this guy ever taken responsibility for anything?

Good grief, the excuses are piling up as to who is to blame for Barack Obama’s poor Presidential debate performance in Denver, CO. Democrats are now blaming John Kerry, the person who was playing Romney in debate prep for Obama.They are saying that since he wants to be Secretary of State, Lurch did n;t want to get in Obama’s face. These folks are delusional. i would blame Team Obama, who on earth would use John Kerry as debate prep, an individual who lost to GWB in a debate.

Throw another one under the Obama Bus

So far Democrats have blamed the following:

  1. The moderator Jim Lehrer
  2. The altitude
  3. Romney
  4. SNL blamed Michelle Obama’s anniversary gift

Come on Dems, we all know you are just dying to say that Barack Obama’s poor debate performance was George W. Bush’s fault. You know you want to.

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