Charles Krauthammer Comments on Clinton Speech: “It Was a Giant Swing and a Miss”


Charles Krauthammer commented on Fox News last night following former President Clinton’s speech at the DNC, Krauthammer stated that he that that Bill Clinton struck out. He stated that it was a typical Clinton speech, but was one of the strangest nomination speeches ever given, It sounded more like a campaign speech for a third Clinton term. Krauthammer went on to say that no other president could have done any better than this or fix this, referring to the American economy. However, Barack Obama’s slogan in 2008 was, “yes we can”. Krauthammer considered Clinton’s speech as a wasted opportunity.

This is a must see VIDEO, Krauthammer explains in great deal the differences between Obama and Clinton and how both went about their second two years in office in completely opposite ways. Clinton went to the middle and compromised with Republicans following the 1994 Republican revolution. In contrast Obama doubled down and went further Left after the 2010 midterm shellacking.

“I think it was a giant swing and a miss. Mighty Casey, and Bill Clinton is a natural, struck out on this. I don’t think it will move the needle whatsoever… The This was one of the strangest nomination speeches ever given.”

Full text of Bill Clinton’s speech can be read HERE.

Who really believes that Barack Obama is going to fix the economy like Bill Clinton did back in the day? First of all there is no bubble. Second, Obama is no Clinton. Third, before everyone starts singing the glowing praises of Clinton, he did leave office in a down turn in the economy as the dot coms fell apart. Only 32% of American likely voters think Obama and Clinton see eye to eye on the economy.


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    3 Responses to “Charles Krauthammer Comments on Clinton Speech: “It Was a Giant Swing and a Miss””

    1. paula on September 6th, 2012 11:24 am

      Clinton is great to listen to but don’t make the mistake of believing him. Still trying to figure out why he gave this speech in the first place. It was insulting to be a part of this fiasco they are calling the DNC.

    2. paula on September 6th, 2012 11:26 am

      My thanks to Charles Krauthammer who always seems to validate what I’m thinking and feeling!

    3. dennisintn on September 6th, 2012 10:45 pm

      let’s not forget that all those thousands of dead people that will vote for obama aren’t available to poll takers.

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