ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Says There is No Media Bias … Really George? Even Though 51% Expect Media to Help Obama



MRCTV’s Joe Schoffstall asked ABC’s George Stephanopoulos whether if he believes there is a liberal bias in the media? Stephanopoulos replied, “I don’t.”  Yea there is no media bias, that’s why CNN and MSNBC did not broadcast any of the female, Hispanic of Black speakers at the GOP convention that were not the prime time speakers. Yup, no media bias there.  How can anyone take Stephanopoulos seriously when he owes his entire career to Bill Clinton? remember when Stephanopoulos as a member of the Clinton Administration said, “Clinton did not have a character problem?”

When those in the liberal, corrupt media complex cannot admit there is no media bias, none, its time to completely replace the old media with a new one that defends the rights of the citizens and questions a government and its actions, policies and agenda no matter what party is in office. Recently Americans stated in a Rasmussen poll that media bias was more of a problem  than campaign donations. Also, another more damning poll of Americans shows that a whopping 51% expect most reporters to help Barack Obama; only 9% predict they will help Romney.

Nothing like a good in the tank reporter correcting  Obama when he says, My Muslim Faith”. No liberal media bias here.

Bill O’Reilly and Bernie Goldberg discuss recent insane comments and examples of liberal bias in the media. It happens more and more today because there is no diversity of thought or ideas in the news room.

Bernie Goldberg discusses bias in the media on CNN. Media crossed the lines between media journalism to media activism

Joe Scarborough calls out bias in MSNBC news reporting – “a George W. Bush appointee”

Bill O’Reilly slams AP and MSNBC for bias

Political Bias At MSNBC? Look No Further Than Chris Matthews Questioning Pat Toomey

Former NH Senator Judd Gregg calls out MSNBC host and then they cut him off

FOX News Megyn Kelly Loses It Calls Out Obama’s Spokesman Bill Burton for liberal media bias during 2008 campaign (Watch this doozy, its a classic)

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    One Response to “ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Says There is No Media Bias … Really George? Even Though 51% Expect Media to Help Obama”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on September 3rd, 2012 10:59 pm

      George was a member of the same left wing group as Barry while they were at Harvard. The public should not be suprised that he is carrying water for Obama.

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