Yup, No MSM Bias Is There … Record 19 Reporters & Media Execs Join Team Reelect Obama


MSM bias continues … a record 19 reporters and media execs have joined Tea, Barack Obama. These are just the one’s that have jumped ship from their respective MSM outlets to the Obama gang. How about the one’s that stay in their positions in the MSM and carry the water for President Obama and his liberal agenda.  But we are told that the “Liberal media bias is a myth.” Sure it is.

For some Washington reporters and media execs, cheering their team from the sidelines just isn’t good enough: Tugging on a red, white and blue Team Obama jersey is the answer.

That’s the case for a whopping 19 journalists and media executives, including five from the Washington Post and three each from ABC and CNN, who’ve gone into the administration or center-left groups supporting the president.

Those inside the administration hit 14 this month when the Post’s Stephen Barr joined the Labor Department. That’s a record, say some revolving door watchers, and could even be much higher: The Post reports that “dozens” of former journalists have joined the administration, although Washington Secrets couldn’t verify that tally.

Remember when ABC’s George Stephanopoulos had to remind Barack Obama that it was “his Christian faith”?  Does anyone think the MSM would have been so kind and loving to GWB or Sarah Palin had they made such a mistake?

Is it any wonder why Americans can no longer get actual reporting from the media without a liberal, left-wing bias? Shameful, simply shameful that we have a MSM more concerned with a political ideology and agenda rather than informing the American people. BTW, where are all the MSM reports on the rising price of gas and the real unemployment number?

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    One Response to “Yup, No MSM Bias Is There … Record 19 Reporters & Media Execs Join Team Reelect Obama”

    1. flippy on February 18th, 2012 11:38 am

      19 people did not join “team reelect Obama”, according to your source, they have joined the administration (or left-center groups) over the past 3 years. Some have probably already come & gone through the revolving door.

      What is the previous record? Since the article doesn’t say I will assume it was 18…but with which president? Is the number trending up, or is this an anomaly?

      There certainly is a revolving-door problem between politics&media as well as politics&wall street. It creates serious trust issues; yet is justified by the assumption that reporters become better reporters after working on the inside;

      Better, or indoctrinated, that is my question.

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