No Wonder Obama Wants to Distract from the Econnomy … Romney Takes Lead in Wisconsin and Michigan


Don’t look now Team Obama, but you appear to be losing the Mid-West.

According to recent polling data, Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan has taken the lead in the Midwest states of Wisconsin and Michigan. Could this be true? Wisconsin does not come as that much of a surprise, although it should see that Obama won Wisconsin in 2008 by double digits. So, a state that Obma won by 13% in 2008, Wisconsin is now an official swing state in 2012.  However, if Michigan is in play for Romney and they force Obama to spend money in a state that Obama won 57% to 41% in 2008.

As reported at The Hill, according to a recent PPP poll Romney edges Obama 48% to 47%. This comes in the wake of Rasmussen and CNN polls that seem to suggest the same. Check out the trending polling data toward Romney at RCP.

That’s a 7 percentage point gain for Romney, who trailed Obama 50 to 44 in the previous PPP poll, taken in July, before Rep. Ryan (R-Wis.) was added to the GOP ticket.

It’s the second consecutive survey of Wisconsin to find Romney has overtaken the president following the selection of Ryan as his running mate. A survey earlier this month from conservative-leaning polling outlet Rasmussen also gave Romney a 48-47 lead in the state.

In a new Foster McCollum White Baydoun poll, Romney now leads in Michigan. over Barack Obama 47.68% to 43.88%. According to RCP Obama still leads in Michigan, however, if Michigan is actually in play, Obama is in deep, deep trouble.

FMWB says this will be a significant blow to Democratic campaign efforts, native son Mitt Romney has climbed into the lead in Michigan’s Presidential contest. The naming of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has delivered a targeted affect on the Michigan and Midwest campaign dynamics. We ballot tested the Presidential candidates and we also tested the following two areas of initial campaign impact and awareness:
•Congressman Ryan’s impact on voters’ decision to vote for Mitt Romney.
•Congressman Ryan’s controversial 2012 fiscal budget plan and voters support or opposition to the plan.

It is FMWB’s conclusion that the results to these questions will help initially either validate Ryan’s selection or provide messaging for Democrats that Ryan is not acceptable to the voters. As our data outlines, currently Romney and Ryan are received positively enough to help vault Romney into the lead. Our aggregate findings for this section are as follows:

Question 1:

The 2012 United States Presidential election will be held on November 6, 2012. Who are you more likely to vote for in the election??

(Barack Obama):                                                                                  43.88%
(Mitt Romney):                                                                                     47.68%
(Another candidate):                                                                              3.96%

Full poll results can be read HERE.

As the Lonely Conservative states … since when has Michigan been a swing state? This appears to be the new normal for Obama in 2012. A failed four year first term that has done little to nothing to help Americans out of their economic plight and is making things worse will cause many 2008 “Hope & Change” states to shift. As Powerline commented, “All of this is as it should be, given Obama’s terrible record. I suspect that Michigan will not be the last state that unexpectedly proves competitive.”

The end result is Obama is going to have to spend millions in order to defend what many thought would have been safe “blue” states in 2012.

Brian in a Blue State.

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    4 Responses to “No Wonder Obama Wants to Distract from the Econnomy … Romney Takes Lead in Wisconsin and Michigan”

    1. RK on August 22nd, 2012 8:38 am

      I found one question particularly interesting from this survey:

      Question #3:
      Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has been selected as the Republican vice presidential nominee. Congressman Ryan has proposed federal budgets that drastically cut the federal deficit, cuts taxes on job creators and proposes the reform of Medicare and Social Security benefits. The Tea Party and business groups support Ryan’s budget as fiscally responsible, reducing the size
      and cost of unsustainable programs. Democrats, senior citizens groups and a number of economists oppose Ryan’s budget proposal citing it gives the richest Americans a tax cut, privatizes Social Security and Medicare and will have a negative effect on the economy. Do you support Congressman Ryan’s budget plan for the federal government?

      Is this really supposed to be a legitimate and appropriate poll question? It uses a political statement to (inform or bias) the respondent, and then asks the question.

      This is just ridiculous.

    2. mc on August 22nd, 2012 11:19 am

      I’m a registered independent voter, so I’m not affiliated with either the Democrats or Republicans. There are issues that I have regarding each party, so I refuse to belong to either one.

      With McCain vs. Obama on the 2008 election, I thought Obama was the better speaker, and perhaps better leader.

      Little did I know that his TELEPROMPTER was doing the heavy lifting!

      Maybe, just maybe, he could…make America a greater country than the way it was before he took office, make Americans be proud to be Americans.

      So, I didn’t vote. I thought, what difference would it make, could it make? Just how different could it possibly be?

      Boy, was I wrong!

      The economy still sucks. We’re still in Afghanistan. We’re still paying Pakistan billion$ in…what, I don’t know. We have a commander-in-chief who makes a point to bow to foreign leaders, and who supports terrorsit organizations like Hamas by way of CAIR and the Mulsim Brotherhood.

      Hell, we’re not even sure if the guy in the White House is an American!

      This November, I will be voting, and it won’t be for Obama!

    3. RK on August 22nd, 2012 4:52 pm

      #2 – You know, for an Ind. you do a great job playing the right-wing teleprompter meme.

      From the next set of talking points, your cred as an Ind. seems on the decline, IMO.

      The final blow is that you’re a birther. You may still be registered as an Ind., but your viewpoints are no longer in that camp.

      Maybe you’ll share some of that balance of issues with each party you have someday. Uh-huh; Sure; Right.
      SM: RK, just curious, who the hell are you to tell some one whether they are or are not an Independent? Seriously. Oh that’s right, you Libs know everything. We are just in awe of your vast knowledge. What would we do without your intelligence and telling us what we are politically.

      You do realize that some one can be a Republican, a Conservative, a Democrat … and still be an Independent, right? You don’t own the definition. What you are referring to is a spineless moderate.

    4. RK on August 22nd, 2012 9:13 pm

      I’m not telling him anything, just sharing an opinion. To use a word that appears here sometimes; I found mc to be disingenuous, IMO.

      BTW; I really doubt mc can be an (R) or (D) as you mention; he’s already told us he is a “registered” Ind., unaffiliated with any party.
      SM: You can be a registered Independent and lean heavily to a political philosophy. Many Conservatives are reg’d Indies because they do not believe 100% in the GOP. Just saying. Independent does not mean someone is a waffling voter.

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