Charles Krauthammer Says “Akin’s Gotta Leave, He’s Toxic …There’s Enough Stupidity in Congress, We don’t Have to Add to It ” … Akin Told Not to Come to RNC Convention


He’s gotta go …

Charles Kraththammer weighed in last night on Fox News ‘Special Report’ on the Todd Akin controversy and stated, “Akin’s gotta leave”. Kraithammer went on to say, “he’s toxic, no body will touch him, Republicans are not going to support him … it isn’t only that it was offensive and toxic, it was unbelievable stupid. And there is enough stupidity in Congress that we don’t have to add to it in this large amount. This guy has got to leave.”

Sadly, Akin’s ignorant comments could have most likely cost the GOP the Missouri Senate seat that was considered the most vulnerable for Democrats. Now this. Unreal. Thanks Todd Akin, you gave the Democrats and Obama the issue they wanted to distract from the economy and jobs and most likely cost the Republican party the chance to retake the US Senate.

The toxic Akin has been told not to come to the Republican National Convention. It is obvious that Akin has no place to go but to step down. He has the support of no one and there is no real way to explain your way out of his comments. The media is not going to let this go and he is damaged goods.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus appeared on CNN’s “Out Front” on Monday evening and spoke to Erin Burnett about the controversial statements made by Rep. Todd Akin, Missouri Republican, regarding rape. He called for Mr. Akin, who is running for Senate against Democrat Claire McCaskill, to “step aside and let someone else run for that office.” Chairman Priebus also said that he “prefer that Todd Akin do the right thing for our party and our candidates” and “not come” to the upcoming RNC Convention in Tampa.

EXIT QUESTION: Notice the double standard between Todd Akin and Vice President Joe Biden’s comments? A comment about rape and a racially charged comment meant to insight blacks and play to the fears of hate and slavery. How come Democrats and the MSM did not come out against Biden like Republicans and the MSM came out against Akin?

UPDATE I: A rather suspect poll from Democrat pollster PPP has Akin still ahead of McCaskill 44% to 43%, following the toxic meltdown of Akin in the wake of his rape comments. However, much like Legal Insurrection, count me in the cynic category as well.

Maybe Akin could win Missouri, but this was just a flash poll so it’s hard to read too much into it.

If I were a cynic, I might suggest that PPP — a Democratic pollster – did the flash poll knowing it was too soon for the effect of the controversy to make its way into the electorate in the hope of keeping Akin’s hope alive before he makes his decision overnight whether to step aside.

Update:  As pointed out in the comments and also by John McCormack on Twitter, PPP only read Akin’s statement to the respondents after they answered the question as to preference, which would tend to help Akin in the PPP poll.  Okay, now I’m a cynic.

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    10 Responses to “Charles Krauthammer Says “Akin’s Gotta Leave, He’s Toxic …There’s Enough Stupidity in Congress, We don’t Have to Add to It ” … Akin Told Not to Come to RNC Convention”

    1. Lightwave on August 21st, 2012 7:14 am

      I demand that Real Clear Politics remove PPP from their polling aggregation. It’s clear they take their marching orders from Obamee.
      SM: I would agree, when i evaluate the RCP averages i actually discount party driven polls, then take out the high and the low and use that data.

    2. flippy on August 21st, 2012 7:42 am

      Notice the double standard between Todd Akin and Vice President Joe Biden’s comments? A comment about rape and a racially charged comment meant to insight blacks and play to the fears of hate and slavery. How come Democrats and the MSM did not come out against Biden like Republicans and the MSM came out against Akin?
      UM….Biden’s comments were innuendo. Akin’s were, to use everyone’s words Toxic. But even once you get past the whole issue of which rapes are “legit” and which are not, he is horrifically misinformed about the female reproductive system.
      S<: Sorry Flippy, try not to be so literal … Rape and Slavery are emotional issues. For the Democrat party and the MSM to give a pass on an VP trying to fan the flames of racism is disgusting and he wont apologize, not will Barack Obama.

      Akin actually did apologize and asked for forgiveness. Even though he did so … Akin has to go. He can be forgiven, but that does not mean he gets to run for the Senate.

      Yes Akin is misinformed: however, there is no one more misinformed, ignorant and prone to gaffe and intentional hateful comments than Joe Biden. The difference is that everyone gives him a pass. I wonder what would have happened if Biden made these same similar comments? The Left, Obama and MSM would have just laughed it off as Joe being Joe.

      We all know that to be true.


    3. RK on August 21st, 2012 7:48 am

      Removal of certain polls from averages was recently highlighted on DailyKOS ( In particular, Gallup and Rasmussen were cited as quite different than other polls in their results.

      I doubt there is but one story in looking at polling data, but this is one more perspective.
      SM: Well polls like Rasmussen are going to be different because they poll “likely” voters not registered as most do. Then there are some even less credible ones that poll warm bodies.

      You have to admit Rasmussen is one of the most credible as Scott Rasmussen not only called the GWB victories but he also nailed the Obama win in 2008.

      According to Politico, “Rasmussen’s final poll of the 2008 general election — showing Obama defeating Arizona Sen. John McCain 52 percent to 46 percent — closely mirrored the election’s outcome.”[39] In reference to the 2008 presidential election, a Talking Points Memo article said, “Rasmussen’s final polls had Obama ahead 52%-46%, which was nearly identical to Obama’s final margin of 53%-46%, and made him one of the most accurate pollsters out there

    4. RK on August 21st, 2012 8:05 am

      RE: “Notice the double standard . . . ”

      There should be no confusion here; VP Joe Biden had a verbal gaffe or stutter, and was called out on it. Rep Akin was making a calm, reasoned, description of a prior policy position that was aligned with actual bills offered in this session of Congress. You can’t have a double standard if the events are not the same.

      Akin’s specific words are less critical (although remarkably awful); the policy towards women of all parties and beliefs is the story. This type of position speaks to the lack of respect a group of out-of-touch extreme conservatives have towards all women. They tell them Congress knows better what women need and how their bodies work.

      And a co-sponsor of at least one of these women’s rights based bills was Paul Ryan. Beware the good looks; his seriousness has many aspects and he doesn’t talk about these extreme beliefs to Americans.

      There is no wonder why it is kept hidden, but it needs to be understood ( That is, unless one is more trusting of spin rather than facts. To paraphrase the old saying: “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it think.”
      Sm: verbal gaffe? How do you know all knowing RK? Of course its never the same for the partisan LEFT. You really crack me up. You are so disingenuous. How do you know that Biden’s comments were not apart of the script on the teleprompter?

      Are you joking that it is different … sorry going to have to call you for being Democrat apologist. The Obama-Biden administration has been one of division and race-baiting. At every turn if anyone does not agree with the Holy Obama,. they are called a racist. That is fact. Obama has run such a dirty, sleazy campaign that it is nauseating. I think it is reprehensible that you would defend “they want to put y’all back in chains”.

      Who are you kidding … had any Republican made that comment they would have been run out of town on a rail, and rightfully so.

      The difference with Akin … Republicans and Conservatives have come out against Akin. Obama refused to apologize for Joe.


    5. RK on August 21st, 2012 9:31 am

      #4-SM: Well, I firmly believe that Biden has no history of racist policies, that he has never proposed bills that speak to racist beliefs, and that he does not have an literal belief that anyone is going to be put in chains. So yes; I call that a verbal gaffe. Just my opinion on language usage. BTW, being on the teleprompter (BTW: is this a fact or hypothesis) would not a be factor for me; core principles trumps rhetoric.

      At its worst, whether or not Biden was asked to, or did apologize; his words were ill-chosen to make a likely thought clever pay on words, IMO. To be clear, I’m not defending Biden, I’m describing the comment you referred to vs. Akin’s comment vs. their core principles, and my opinion that there is no double standard in this comparison. Just as I assume you’re not defending Akin.

      I’ve yet to hear or read of anyone describing of believing that Biden literally meant what the “chains” comment implies to some. IMO, those words are not part of his principles.

      So, yes, the difference I see is not the reaction (or lack thereof) by Dems or Reps for each thing said. You can’t hold a politician accountable for what others think, after all. The facts are that Akin has an established history of this awful view of women, and was speaking his principles. That is not a partisan issue, so if I am a Dem, Rep, or Ind is moot.

      And you can’t disavow or apologize for your principles (and not change them), and remain a serious politician (or human being for that matter).

      p.s. – Funny how Ryan’s involvement in these same ideas Akin spoke of gets little coverage. How serious are those principles, I wonder.

    6. flippy on August 21st, 2012 9:32 am

      I wonder what would have happened if Biden made these same similar comments? The Left, Obama and MSM would have just laughed it off as Joe being Joe.

      Well, Biden would not make similar comments; he tends to “step in it” through innuendo that he can hide behind.

      I thought Joe would be okay, if you look at his record (on paper) it is really quite noble, and if he would just work behind the scenes I think, in that universe, he would be an asset to the country. However, he is a “heartbeat from the presidency” and comes off a little too close to a court jester (he gets to say whatever he wants, spews mostly nonsense in which people search for meaning and hear what they want to hear).

      I desire a fiscal conservative with liberal-social views. I wouldn’t care which party they pretended to be a part of (because neither would have him). Mitt could have been that person; I actually was rooting for him last time, but I lived in Florida at the time and my vote came too late. But much like how I liked the “old McCain” in 2008, Mitt appears to be lost in the process as well.

      As it is, I would rather waste money than treat people badly.

    7. RK on August 21st, 2012 10:02 am

      Regarding PPP as a “Democratic pollster:

      They seem to have collected quite a list of favorable comments ( that support their poll results as accurate related to election results.
      SM: PPP is Democrat pollster. This poll was a rather convenient one and appears to be more politically moticated. Sorry, its rather suspect.

      Tainted poll by Dem outfit offers Akin incentive not to quit

      Akin can cite this poll as a reason to remain in the race. After all, it purports to show that his offensive comment hasn’t changed the race at all.

      Unfortunately, that finding is absurd. Moreover, it comes from a flawed poll. As Ed Morrissey points out, PPP significantly oversampled Republicans. Republicans made up 39 percent of those surveyed; Democrats were only 30 percent. Ed notes that even in the 2010 election, exit polls showed the GOP with only a 37-34 percent advantage.

      PPP is a Democratic polling company that partners with the leftist outfit The Daily Kos. Typically, it’s polls do not significantly oversample Republicans. For example, in its previous poll, the one showing the race at 45-44 in favor of Akin, Democrats outnumbered Republicans. I suspect that the latest PPP poll oversampled Republicans for the purpose of providing encouragement to Akin to stay in the race.

    8. NGBoston on August 21st, 2012 4:35 pm

      Adios, Idiot.

    9. RK on August 21st, 2012 5:08 pm

      When I read the Rep and Conservative comments on Akin, all I can see in them is how they are thinking about losing the seat, and how Akin needs to step aside for the good of the party.

      I guess we know what makes them tick, and what they really care about.
      SM: Please, Democrats hardly have the high ground on asking people to step down so they don;t lose the seat. This is not a game of checkers, its a business. You may want to tale a look at the pressure by the Dems to force Christopher Dodd to step down in CT with the Countrywide loan scandal. Dems all but threw his carcass out of office so they would not lose the CT US Senate seat.

      Sorry, this is a no hypocrisy zone.

    10. RK on August 22nd, 2012 7:54 am

      Well, I’m not making a Dem/Rep comparison, just following this story as presented.

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