Punked Muslim Style … Why Shows like “Punk’d” Not Such a Good Idea in the Arab World, Egyptian Actor Beats Female Host on Live TV


I am guessing that the TV show Candid Camera would have got Allen Funt killed had it been filmed in the Arab world.

WOW, talk about your unreal Reality TV … The following is an example of why shows like ‘Punked’ are probably not the best idea in the Arab world. An Egyptian actor loses his mind in a prank gone horribly wrong, then  beats a female host live on TV not realizing he is being “punked”. Good grief, it is a good thing the guy did not shot some one or cut someone’s head off. This is a must see.

Hat Tip: The Gateway Pundit

As reported at The Times of Israel, not such a good idea to punk and Egyptian with an Israel story line. I am not sure if the folks on the show understand the point of a punked show. Its not to espouse hate and nearly get some one killed. Who would have thought this would have gone horribly wrong? What’s next, Punk’d … Al Qaeda?

Two Egyptian actors, “pranked” by an Egyptian TV station over the weekend into thinking that they were being interviewed by Israeli TV, responded furiously onscreen. Both of them attacked a man they thought was the show’s Israeli producer, and one of them, Ayman Kandeel, smashed up the studio and slapped the female host he thought was Israeli so hard that she crumpled to the floor.

Kandeel also appeared to reach for a gun at one point, having earlier said he had one. But he didn’t pull one out, and later said he didn’t have a gun with him.

A third pranked guest, an actress, called all Israelis liars and denounced them for “whining about the Holocaust and its lousy figures.”

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    One Response to “Punked Muslim Style … Why Shows like “Punk’d” Not Such a Good Idea in the Arab World, Egyptian Actor Beats Female Host on Live TV”

    1. Greg the Great on July 24th, 2012 7:13 pm

      Shows Muslims in a bad light. They are real sub human killers.

      I liked how the first guy wanted to date the female host he punched out. “Come down to my car. I have some cream for your back.”

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