“Israel” Typo From Obama Campaign Invite for Jewish Americans for Obama … Wasn’t It Obama Who claimed to know about Judaism more than any other president?


Hmm, never seen Obama misspell radical Islam …

This is rather embarrassing from Barack Obama, the President who claimed to know more about Judaism than any other president. However, it would appear he does not know how to spell, “Israel”. That is correct, Team Obama managed to misspell it as “Isreal” on the invitations. No biggy, its just another Democrat voting block taken for granted.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) is scheduled to appear in a Philadelphia-area synagogue Monday on behalf of the Obama for America campaign, fostering more concerns that Team Obama is engaging in a controversial and possibly illegal effort to win over Jewish voters from within their religious institutions.

Jewish Americans for Obama is slated to hold a campaign event Monday at the Congregation Keneseth Israel in Elkins Park, a Philadelphia suburb. The synagogue is affiliated with the Jewish religion’s Reform movement, which is known for its progressive political activism.

The event will feature Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, as well as Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D., Pa.) and Democratic County Commissioner Josh Shapiro.

However, the misspelled word is the least of the issues here. As pointed out by the Gate away Pundit, it seems to directly conflict with an IRS rule prohibiting nonprofit organizations, including religious institutions, from “directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for elective public office.” But what difference does it make, its Barack Obama … the rules do not apply to him.

Besides misspelling Israel, the campaign event at Keneseth Israel directly conflicts with an IRS rule stating that nonprofit organizations, such as religious institutions, prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign.

But, who cares?

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    3 Responses to ““Israel” Typo From Obama Campaign Invite for Jewish Americans for Obama … Wasn’t It Obama Who claimed to know about Judaism more than any other president?”

    1. Ben on July 15th, 2012 6:30 am

      You’re under the impression that this website is not replete with typos? You believe that your credibility is not damaged by your own errors, but that the credibility of the President is damaged because the individual who made the flyer misspelled a very important word? You’ll also be surprised to discover that Republicans and Democrats alike often speak in churches, synagogues and places of worship.
      SM: And you are under the impression that this website has $700,000,000 of donated funds to pay for a staff, editors, etc. You just showed how much of a joke that you and your ilk really are when you compare a what is supposed to be billion dollar Presidential campaign to a website. The Obama Kool-aid drinking defenders are ridiculous. You may want to buy a vowel and try again.


    2. Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup » Pirate's Cove on July 15th, 2012 7:54 am

      [...] Scared Monkeys points out that Team Obama misspelled “Israel” [...]

    3. Teapartyguardian on July 15th, 2012 8:09 am


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