Chris Rock Tweets on the 4th of July, “Happy White Peoples Independence Day the Slaves weren’t Free but I’m sure they enjoyed Fireworks”


Some people are just so hateful, they can’t even be thankful for what they have, or better yet, what has been given them from the sacrifices of others.

How very sad that there are some in this country who reap the rewards and the benefits in the United States of the blood and sacrifice of those who have fallen before them to preserve the rights, liberties and freedoms. Add comedian Chris Rock to that shameful list. Rock tweeted the following regarding the 4th of July:

Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks

More from and the hateful LEFT that will take any opportunity the slam the very country that allows them the freedoms to be so hateful. A note to the LEFT, I dare you to go to the socialist countries that you so claim to love and make such comments in opposition of the country.

UPDATE I: Hey Chris Rock and the LEFT, don’t be making those ignorant comments around Toby Keith, “He’ll put a boot in your ass,” Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.


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    8 Responses to “Chris Rock Tweets on the 4th of July, “Happy White Peoples Independence Day the Slaves weren’t Free but I’m sure they enjoyed Fireworks””

    1. A Texas Grandfather on July 4th, 2012 1:35 pm

      Chris Rock’s mind is filled with hate. If he thinks this way, maybe it is time to send him back to Africa and not ever let him see the USA again.

      He is so stupid, that he blames present day Americans for the fact that his own kind sold his ancesters into slavey in Africa prior to them being bought to the USA.

    2. Red Skelton, an American Hero … Pledge of Allegiance | Scared Monkeys on July 4th, 2012 1:40 pm

      [...] Please read and listen to the following commentary from Red Skelton. Its a message that many might want to take to heart. Hey Chris Rock, why don’t you watch the following VIDEO and the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ from Red Skelton. Maybe your disrespectful punk a$$ will learn something about America. The last time I checks Chris Rock made a pretty good living having to suffer being in the United States. What a crying shame that so many who have prospered from the liberties and freedoms of the United States find it so easy to attack her. [...]

    3. Its Me on July 4th, 2012 2:44 pm

      Im getting so sick and tired of “Feel sorry for me because Im black”. When are these people going to realize they are americans just like me with the same chances to make good in this country.
      It seems people like Chris Rock just wants to keep
      his people hating the white man. Remember its the white man that freed him.

    4. Dawg1948 on July 4th, 2012 3:48 pm

      The facts are Chris over 600000 people died to make you free you ungreatful TWIT!

    5. barbreee on July 4th, 2012 4:07 pm

      Maybe he needs to think about America a little bit. The land of opportunity, that made him a rich man through humor. People of all walks of life and nationalities spending money to watch his movies and shows. And now, I don’t find him funny anymore.

    6. Obama Must Go on July 4th, 2012 8:23 pm

      Hey Chris Rock, I have an idea.

      Since the USA seems to suck so bad for you and there are millions of illegals wanting to get in. Why don’t the Chris Rock’s and their ilk get the F out of this country to make room for those who actually want to be here and would die trying?

    7. Soapy Johnson on July 5th, 2012 10:22 am

      Note to Chris Rock — Who’s more racist, white people or black people? It’s white people! You know why? …

    8. Chewie Brown OBAMA 2012 on July 12th, 2012 2:41 pm

      Well unfortunately, whether people want to admit it or not, his comment was factual. There were many thousands of Africans here in this country at that time and YES THEY WERE ALL SLAVES. SORRY BUT THE FACTS ARE THE FACTS

      Oh yeah and to the dummy above that made the comment about blacks selling their own into slavery, not so dude. But hey we can just ignore the FACT that the whites that came here so long ago were doing so because the WHITES in charge over in England were mistreating their own kind, hanging, torturing, etc, the CIRCLE OF LIFE I WOULD CALL IT. They were mistreated in the land they helped to build, so what does it hurt to kidnap a few hundred thousand inhabitants of Africa and bring to this new land to help build it. EUROPEAN HISTORY IS A REAL EYE OPENER, trying reading A WORLD HISTORY BOOK FOR A CHANGE. THOSE OF YOU WHO DONT KNOW, YOU JUST MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING.
      SM:I hate to burst your bubble, but blacks did help sell their own into slavery. However, that is not the point. Chris Rock can make all the comments he wants about and evil of the past; however, he benefited from it. He has some nerve to knock a country that has provided so much to him.

      Did Blacks sell Blacks as Slaves?

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