Justice Served: Four Rotten Kids Who Verbally Bullied & Harassed Bus Monitor Karen Klein Get 1 Year Suspension


JUSTICE FOR KAREN … Justice has been served in the bullying bus incident …

The Greece, NY Central School District has handed down the punishment in the merciless bullying and harassing incident against bus monitor Karen Klein.  Four middle school boys will be suspended for one year.  The four little thugs will also be barred from school and regular bus transportation. During their year’s suspension, they four boys who said some of the most viscous and heinous words to 68 year old Karen Klein, the VIDEO of the despicable act went viral, will have to attend the district’s Reengagement Center, described as an “alternative education program.

If it were not for the videoing of this heinous and despicable incident, it is doubtful that Karen Klien would have received “Justice” or the amazing outpouring of support and generous financial contributions.

The VIDEO that went viral that also played a part in the Justice for Karen

The four middle school students who were videotaped tormenting their adult school bus monitor learned today what their punishment will be.

The Greece, N.Y. Central School District said in a statement that all four boys will be suspended from school for one year. They are also barred from “school and regular bus transportation.”

The families of all four boys waived their right to a hearing and agreed to the one-year suspensions. During that year, the boys will be educated at the district’s Reengagement Center, described as an “alternative education program [that] keeps middle school students on track academically while providing a structured opportunity for students to take responsibility for their actions.”

Also, each of the four seventh graders soulless boys will be required to complete 50 hours of community service with senior citizens and will be enrolled in a bullying-prevention program.

In the statement, Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams:

The students and their families waived their right to a due process hearing and agreed to the disciplinary measures. The district was able to release the terms of the discipline only because the students and their families agreed to let the information become public.

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    2 Responses to “Justice Served: Four Rotten Kids Who Verbally Bullied & Harassed Bus Monitor Karen Klein Get 1 Year Suspension”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on June 30th, 2012 2:44 pm

      There is some progress. These youngsters may have learned a valuable lesson about proper behavior.

      The families IMO have stepped up to do the right thing. The fifty hours of community service has potential as well. It depends on what group of seniors they will be serving and how it is structured.

      They may learn that older people have values that they need to learn and that service to others builds character and knowledge.

    2. Bill B on June 30th, 2012 6:18 pm

      This was the best news I have heard in a week of disappointmenting news or decisions. I know in my day there would of been 3 ass whoppins coming from this incident. The first one from the monitor, the second one from the principle and then a third from my dad when I got home. I also know in my day this would of never happened in the first place because we had way to much respect for our seniors to of ever done something this despicable.

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